What to do with glasses after lasik?

Are you finally seeing clearly? Congratulations on getting LASIK, the world must be a much brighter place for you now! But what about those old glasses lying around in your house like unwanted guests? Since they’ve been a part of your life for so long, it’s essential to know how to treat them post-LASIK. Here are some fun options on what to do with your outdated bffs.

Keep Them as Souvenirs

Your old spectacles have witnessed many moments in your life, just like an old best friend who always had your back during thick and thin. You can keep them as souvenirs that remind you of the simpler times when we relied on corrective lenses instead of corneal reshaping.

Donate Them To People In Need

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure—why not bless someone else by donating those specs? There are plenty of charitable organizations working worldwide that distribute eyewear to underprivileged individuals in need. Your unused pair could bring sunshine and clarity into somebody else’s life without costing anything!

Turn Them Into Art Projects

Are you an art aficionado or love lo-fi decor styles? Then get creative with those frames! The lens-less glasses can turn into quirky picture frames, keychains or even colorful wind chimes -the possibilities are endless!. It would give a unique touch to any delightful corner of your home while also enabling you reminisce- because every quirky art piece has its own story.

Use them As Backup Glasses

Even though LASIK provides fantastic results but there may be situations where emergencies occur such as an injury or late night mishap where it might not be possible to wear contact lenses nor go through Lasik again at such short notice -without backup vision aids one might face discomfort navigating their way around. Hence keeping prescription lenses handy is never too bad of an idea.

Use Them As Props

If you have a theatrical spirit in your soul- keep those old glasses to use as props for costume parties or drama events. How about adding them to your theatrical vanity suitcase and transforming yourself into -the next standup comedian or vaudeville star?

Sell Them For Cash.

One person’s trash is another one’s Treasure, and sellers are always waiting for an opportunity like this. With the increasing costs of prescription lenses, selling them could earn you some extra bucks that might come in handy for buying that favorite pair of shoes which would adorn your feet!

Give Them To Your Pet As A Toy

Pets love toys? Yes! Give “mittens” (your beloved feline) something new to play around with by providing her with spectacles. What may look outdated could be precisely what she needs to feel entertained throughout the day till eventually it ends up being featured on its very own Instagram page!

Whether sentimentally binding them through souvenirs/ art projects or exploring quirky ideas such as using them as props/pets chewable toy every option offers its own fun quotient- ultimately It all comes down to personal preference! Farewell olders (specs)- we will cherish our memories together forevermore!