What to do with a burn blister after it pops?

Burn blisters are no joke. They’re painful, they’re inconvenient and worst of all, they’re just plain unsightly! If you’re here, reading this article on what to do with a burn blister after it pops, then chances are that you’ve already experienced the pain and embarrassment firsthand.

Well, worry not dear reader. We have put together an expert guide on how to deal with your popped burn blister so that you can heal up like new in no time!

Understanding Burn Blisters

Before we dive into this guide on how to manage burn blisters once they pop open (ouch!), let’s take some time out to understand exactly what these pesky little things are. Simply put: Burn blisters are pockets of fluid that form under your skin when your body is trying to protect itself from further damage.

The blister serves as a buffer between the affected area and whatever caused the initial damage – be it heat or cold or any other irritant. So when one finally pops open (that too painfully), exposing raw and sensitive skin beneath it – things can only go downhill from there unless prompt action isn’t taken immediately.

So what now? You’ve been hit by a burn brisket (crying internally))? Fear not my friend; keep calm because I’ll tell you what steps you need take care/gently treat/subside/heal recovery etc., anything more creative?

If somehow(hypothetically) if don’t live near a hospital or due pandemic restrictions hospitals doesn’t allow defected individuals inside(dang!) , I would suggest handling this scenario at home keeping following tips n tricks in mind:

  1. Cleanse The Area

    • It goes without saying(you still gotta say though)spongebob meme– first thing you need to do once your burn blister has popped is clean the area and remove any debris that may have gotten inside.
  2. Disinfect The Wound

    • Once cleaned, disinfect the wound with warm water and antiseptic solution (Also can be used Dettol/Hibiotic Liquid) to keep bacteria from multiplying on the exposed skin surface.(note :never use soap directly on affected skin)
  3. Dress It Up

    • Now that your wound is squeaky clean, it’s time will require a dressing of some sort so as not to becoming vulnerable of further abrasions or infections.

As mentioned earlier if home treatment for burns are being done due to medical facilities unavailability, there should always be signs & symptoms present which means NOW enough! One sign would be redness with spreading pain after efforts applied for healing up.

If you inject insufficient care when addressing burned-out blisters, they could become infected later down-the-day thus causing more harm than good ,heavy pus discharge/ foul smell etc which calls out timely expertise medical attention immediately!

Medication For Burn Blisters

Should definitely consult doctor in such cases but few general medication suggestions:

  1. Painkillers – i.e low dose Paracetamol/Ketorolac
    2.Antifungal creams topical ointments(cod liver oil)
    3.Silver Sulfadiazine Cream

Even though these medications above are pretty effective but one shouldn’t take them without consulting an expert beforehand!.

One clear cut answer: It depends!
It depends upon extent of damage—second degree burn type might get healed within a week whereas third-degree persistent for few months- till replacement by new cells underneath occurs through intensity of nursing care,i.e. in type of medication was used, temperature exposure to the affected region etc.

Don’t lose hope! If above options doesn’t work for you then we do have some alternates which might turn out a good luck for you:

1.Honey – The natural remedy that can cure almost every(cold ,cough,burns?) injury without any side effects.
2.Aloe Vera- Famous since ages ; reduces inflammation and redness; moisturizes skin up/combatting bacterial infections.
3.Tea tree oil –You’ve long ago over-experimented with ‘if it is edible I’ll eat it’ philosophy?:p.
4.Lavender Oil
5.Coconut Milk or Oil the household saviors(let your imagination run wild!)lemons & coconuts

Keep in mind to always consult a medicinal expertise before applying home remedies just so there aren’t unwelcome surprises down-the-day!

So let’s summarize what we learned hm?

• Burn blisters are pockets of fluid that form under YOUR skin when body responds as protective measure,resultant of excessive heat or coming in contact with multi irritants.

• Popped burn blisters ARE NOT pretty WHATSOEVER and require IMMEDIATE attention before matters get worsened up!

• Cleaning wound initially rendering cleaning saline(Antiseptic Solution)to wipe effected part gently though don’t scrub roughly afterwards dress it properly,to minimize future harm.(Highly recommended no rubberband)

Now all things considered we wish speedy recovery from those painful popped-up blistered burns:)

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