What to do when your milk starts coming in?

As a new mother, you may experience some strange and uncomfortable changes in your body once you’ve given birth. One such change is the production of breast milk, which can be both exciting and daunting for many women. If you’re wondering what to do when your milk starts coming in, don’t fret- we’ve got all the advice you need to get started.

Stock up on bras

One of the first things you’ll notice as your milk comes in is that your breasts will become much larger and fuller than they were before. To ensure that you stay comfortable during this time, it’s important to invest in some supportive maternity bras.

Pro Tip: Don’t try to squeeze into your regular old brassieres – trust us; it won’t end well.

Learn how to breastfeed effectively

Breastfeeding isn’t always as easy or relaxed as it looks like! It’s important that you learn how correctly position and latch onto baby early on so he gets enough milk while also protecting the health of momma!. By doing this right from day one should avoid pain or discomfort associated with breastfeeding

Pro Tip: Nobody was born an expert at breastfeeding; keep trying until both mommy-baby feel comfortable!

Tell someone who cares about YOU

It’s really difficult navigating through these HUGE changes alone – getting emotional support from friends could really lift off a lot of pressure!

Pro tip: Feeling vulnerable? Talk Maybe consider speaking with-someone knowledgeable like other moms or pediatrician if feeling depressed.

Get ready for leaky boops

During those initial days after giving birth, there can be extra demand placed upon nursing nipples -When babies latch& suckle every 2 hours.Pumpin’ mama knows not even microwaves are safe space & nothin’ stops lactation on its own ((sensing baby’s demands).

You never know when the milk might leak out unexpectedly, so it’s important to invest in some nursing pads (disposable or reusable) to avoid any embarrassing wetness marks!

Pro Tip: Always have a few extra sets on hand – and maybe an extra shirt lying around too.

Embrace cabbage love

Cabbage leaves are economical way of cooling down tender breasts during engorgement/ pains; its because they contain several anti-inflammatory properties which help soothe inflammation caused by breastmilk production.

The next time you’re at the grocery store, pick up some green cabbages and pop them into your fridge for emergencies!

Another great plus? Hearing crinkles from that plastic-wrapped cold cabbage when bottle-feeding baby will give soothing sensation after constant crying screams heard all day long making breastfeeding even harder! 😉

Pro tip: Don’t be shy about taking advantage and stocking up on this vegetable favorite.

Stay hydrated

One of the biggest mistakes many new mamas make is not drinking enough water – besides increasing milk supply drinking plenty of water gives moms energy to keep going through pumping sessions or sleepless nights

This could lead to dehydration which can cause sluggish digestive system & unwelcome symptoms like nausea ,leg cramps& headaches . To reduce these effects, try keeping a water bottle nearby as a constant reminder while Nursing.

Pro Tip: Did we mention how cute baby elephant water bottles are? 😉

Soothing comfort items should always be close to reach

Think About investing in things such as compression bras/tops for days post-delivery/breast engorgements + heat/cold packs.

Your body has gone through an enormous amount of physical stress upon delivery thus requiring attention towards self-care, relaxation,\and recovery from childbirth much more importantly than putting away laundry dishes/milk expression session emergency 😀

A comfy robe paired alongside candles scents+ bath salts also do wonders with receiving a bit of ease and wellness allowing the body to restore.

Pro tip: Sounds cheesy but helps alot -Take deep lunges while nipping morning coffee!