What to do when your having a panic attack alone?

Have you ever felt like the walls are closing in on you, gasping for air as if your lungs cannot take another breath? If you have, chances are high that you may have experienced a panic attack. While it’s quite normal to feel anxious from time to time, when these feelings get out of control and overwhelm us even without an apparent trigger, then we may need help. In this article we will explore what causes panic attacks, how they manifest themselves and most importantly what you can do next time it happens alone!

What Exactly is A Panic Attack

A panic attack is described as a sudden surge of anxiety with symptoms including excessive sweating or chills, trembling or shaking uncontrollably along with chest tightness and heart palpitations. They often come abruptly leaving one feeling out of control while raising thoughts about losing their lives.

Why am I having A Panic Attack

While experts believe that there could be biological factors involved such as family history or brain chemistry; other triggers known to cause panic include:

  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • Stressful Life Events
  • Certain medical conditions
  • Substance abuse

It’s important to note that anyone can experience a panic attack regardless of age or gender.

## Here are some practical tips on what to do during an Anxiety Episode

As much as facing an episode of anxiety all by yourself might seem terrifying,it doesn’t always have to be daunting.Here are some things you can try:

### Acknowledge

Recognize the onset signals probably tight muscles,fear,intense worry etc this leads into development of plans that reduce further anxiety episodes aiming at addressing the possible underlying issues.The keyword here being acknowledgment since ignoring only makes everything worse.

### Deep Breaths

Regulating your breathing through deep and slow breaths has been shown over time making remarkable changes in response to the anxiety episodes since decreasing involuntary breathing holds which may worsen feelings of chest tightness.

### Distraction Techniques

Channeling one’s attention towards positive distractions like journaling,listening to music or watching TV programmes hence reducing instances and severity of an episode.

Positive Self-talk

Negative self talk is a recipe for panic attack as it feeds unnecessary fears gradually causing you to reach out seeking an antidote.However acknowledging reality while embracing the imperfection and choosing positive self –talk can help induce calm amongst chaos-the “can do” attitude.

Here are some things that you should avoid

It’s important to note what you shouldn’t do if having a panic attack alone:

Avoid Overthinking

One thing capable of making matters worse includes overthinking with thoughts getting overwhelmed by unpleasant thoughts entirely hijacking your consciousness. In this regard instead learn how best manage such overwhelming thought patterns.

Avoid Prescriptions

While medication might be prescribed after assessment by qualified physicians, it comes as a solution when under monitored conditions.Home remedies in this instance cannot fix things overnight so why not seek quality professional medical attention?


Although panic attacks can be triggered at random times without any justification, practicing good communication skills with friends,family members ,colleagues along with exploring healthy ways including counseling could prevent reoccurrence. Try not sweating small stuff but in case an episode emerges don’t despair following on any previously learned coping mechanism above could reduce chances of characterizing subsequent attacks.Return back being yourself unapologetically!

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