What to do when your ear is clogged up?

Whether you’ve just come back from a concert that was so loud it made your ears ring, or if you’re someone who consistently struggles with blocked ears – I’m here to tell you that’s no fun! In fact, having things get trapped inside of our bodies is one of the most frustrating experiences there is. That being said, don’t worry – this article will provide some popular and not-so-popular solutions to unclogging those troublesome ears!

When The Problem Originates From Sinus Issues

  1. Sinusitis

If your blockage issues originate from a sinus issue – essentially what happens when the membranes lining our sinuses become inflamed due to an infection in the airway – then tackling this problem head on can help clear out your ear troubles as well! Here are some ways to do mitigate these effects:

  • Use nasal decongestants, such as Afrin®, which helps by shrinking blood vessels in the nasal cavity allowing for more drainage through the nose.

  • Consider using Humidifiers® throughout your home/household/space around yourself while sleeping, which increases ambient moisture levels reducing inflammation.

  • Swollen Lymph Nodes

Our lymphatic systems filter toxins and bacteria out of our circulatory system; at times when we experience heightened immune function (i.e., fights infections), these nodes may swell causing other symptoms such chin/neck pain as well.

  • Applying heat compresses intermittently can reduce inflammation levels/swelling of surrounding areas.

DIY Home Remedies Over-The Counter Meds Don’t Provide

When experiencing conditions similar to common cold/flue-like viruses where congestion may be present there are traditional remedies passed down across generations:

  1. Garlic Oil

Garlic oil contains natural antibacterial properties alongside numerous other associated benefits including moisturizing wax buildup soothing inflammation.

  • Warm up a tablespoon of oil by holding it for several seconds in your hand, and with the help of an eyedropper apply 2/3 drops into blocked (dry) ear. Take rest can enjoy benefits! 😉

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

This sour liquid may be less palatable than garlic oil – but essentially, consuming 1–2 tablespoons diluted in water may loosen mucus that has built-up in our respiratory system providing relief to ears as well.

  • Alternatively: With equal parts warm water and Apple cider vinegar solution rinse out irrigate affected ears using rubber-bulb syringe.

Methods for When It’s Not Headaches/Cold

When problems stem from causes unrelated to sinus or other bodily inflammation you need more targeted treatment options:

  1. Tinnitus
    People sometimes experience sounds such as rushing air/buzzing/hissing within one or both vocal perceptions.To find relaxation, sound therapy is recommended through producing steady background sounds we’ll try white noise:

  2. Play something like calming music masking sufferer symptoms.

  3. Ear Candling

Beside a great way to harm yourself this most traditional yet unsupported method involves placing a hollow beeswax in-n-out tube over opening while lighting opposite end to create suction engulfing accumulation wax & other debris blockages contained inside ear canal! Beautifully crafted candles designed with purpose made materials prevent self-injury; consider buying them online.

Doctor Recommendations

If everything above fails most doctors recommend the following solutions avoiding invasive procedures:

  1. Irrigation

In-order for irrigation procedure/solution Nurse will spray water mixed containing hydrogen peroxide gently via atomizer nozzle inside attentive ear flush out any debris/dirt lining the walls thus unclogging patient’s clogged Ear!

[ ] Gentle pressure should be applied when performing this task ensuring balance maintained throughout process;
[x] Acting as your own technician can lead to further ear trouble, so be careful!

  1. Medicine
    In the case of serious blockages our physicians recommend over counter remedies produced for use in relieving clogged ears symptoms OTC’s such as hydrogen peroxide amongst others found in any pharmacy aisle

[ ] Common suggestions warn against overuse when taking medication causing increased dryness within sinuses few side effects associated with.
[X] Must be prescribed under doctor’s supervision;

In conclusion, when you’re dealing with clogged ears there are plenty of ways to relieve some discomfort – both traditional and modern methods available today. However, even though various natural treatments could work perfectly – always consider consulting a medical professional first before making decisions on self-diagnosis or pharmaceutical therapeutic measures may run in conflict with already pre-existing conditions for optimization health/safety ensured at all times!!

Cheers folks have fun unclogging them Ears!

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