What to do when you have a viral throat infection?

Oh hey there, fellow germaphobe! So you think you might have a viral throat infection? Well, don’t worry—that raspy and sore voice of yours is simply begging for some TLC!

Not sure where to start? Fret not—here are some kickass steps towards beating your pesky viral throat infection.

Take It Easy On Your Voice

First things first. Try not to talk too much. If silence proves difficult (like most introverts out there), try whispering or use written notes instead.

It’d be wise also to avoid any unnecessary screaming contests or teaching three-year-olds high pitched songs: these will only worsen the affliction at hand.

You should also consider decreasing your phone use and putting off podcast episodes until your vocal cords feel better.

Stay Hydrated AF!

What’s up with that dry cough you’re experiencing anyway?

Well laddybuck, it’s time to heed advice from our moms when they kept on yapping about drinking water during their time in this world by ensuring proper hydration! Drinking tried and true warm liquids like tea will keep everything extra moist all over, which can go a long way towards relieving those pesky symptoms we abhor so very much.

Any takers here for coffee shots or boozy drinks right now? Ahem no – ideally no consumption of alcoholic beverages as well because besides drying down your already miserable throat, alcohol could mix badly with antibiotics if they get prescribed later.

(unless advised otherwise by your physician)

Hulahoops Are Non-Negotiable

Exercise helps just about every medical condition known to man – including nasty viral infections; so why not take up hula hooping while nursing that sore throat back into shape?

Possibly the hoop-la surrounding core workouts can help in relieving stress without compromising on the revival of energy.

Say Yes To A Satisfying Nap

Sleeping is actually one of the best things you can do when your throat feels like sandpaper, so let’s all agree to indulge ourselves with a cat nap.

And sure – this might be easier for students or someone who struggles to stay awake or pretend being interested during boring office presentations, but really, taking time out from our busy lives and spending it in bed is what any sensible doggo would advise when it comes down to medical wellbeing!

Think about it this way: more sleep hours=Less coughin’ – ain’t that right?

It’s definitely worth reminding here again how important plenty of  fluids are throughout your course. So park yourself near a source and log some hours in those REM cycles; because sleeping through life’s pains will never go outta style!

Picture This – Some Humidity In Your Room

Dry air doesn’t give much love to our sickly throats! Making use of humidifiers might just change that though.

Adding humidity brings moisture into the atmosphere which helps soothe your irritated throat while also preventing further infection escalation. Both cool-mist and warm-mist versions work wonders at keeping virus particles suspended in the air versus sticking onto surfaces around you; as well as helping reverse symptoms ranging from sneezing bouts to chest congestions.

Useful Home Remedies

Items Why is It Useful?
Raw/Ginger tea For soothing sore throats
Honey One tablespoon every few hours for reducing inflammation
LE-MON JUICE (with/without honey) – Essential doses provide added vitamin C boosts , however an overdose could lead worsening sore-throatedness

You did everything humanely possible said above now ??

If your symptoms persist or worsen after a few days, it’s best to see a healthcare professional. They can determine whether your sore throat is viral or bacterial (take our word for it- Doctors aren’t just hand-sanitizing angels for us all over!) and prescribe you the necessary medication based on that.

It’s quick and easy peasy anyway – as long as you don’t mind displaying the bizarre pink masks provided by a certain company which runs testing centers.

Avoid The Following:

Here are some things that should be avoided at this particular circumstances:

  1. Smoking
  2. Second-hand smoke (even more detrimental than first-hand smoke)
  3. Consuming too much alcohol

Incidentally, If anyone dismisses someone’s worsening discomforts during covid times with “$19 flu” watch out for their next mood swings!


So there we go folks – take it easy (useful advice in most ways if we think about life). Keep those liquids near; indulge in some slumber time and incorporate humidity into a pulse.

And erm – stay straight-claw away from gasoline drink offers even along joking perimeters if possible.

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