What to do when you find someone attractive?

Have you ever found yourself staring at someone because they just look so darn magnetic? You can’t help it. They’re stealing your gaze and you want them to turn around and see how interested you are. But then what? What do you actually do once the initial attraction hits? Do not worry; we’ve got a few excellent tips up our sleeves.

Step 1: Take Deep Breaths

When hit with that first flush of physical loveliness (and who among us hasn’t felt that?), take a deep breath, maybe two, or even as many necessary! Inhale their pheromones first.

Step 2: Look Away Right Now!

Now is not the time for prolonged eye contact – this isn’t a staring competition! Three seconds is more than enough time hold their eyes before looking away coyly if caught.

Substep A

You definitely don’t want to come across like that kind of person. Keep your admiration on the down-low until later on—when there’s something substantial beyond the looks department.

Step 3: Read Body Language Carefully

Maybe they’re sending off vibes loud and clear about reciprocating interest – check out those subtle cues like playful touching or leaning forward in conversations.
If however, negative signals such as crossed arms or tense posture result from an overeager smile from too far away then best move along.

Substep A

Keep watchful: Just because non-verbal signs lean positive does not give clearance for any sort of inappropriate advances – read consent guidelines carefully”.

Step 4: Don’t Compromise Your Standards (Ever)

As much as it feels tempting giving personality flaws extra gloss would be doing nobody any favours—least of all yourself. It may seem trivial compared to overwhelming chemistry but realize during day-to-day life disliked/incorrect values become apparent eventually.

Substep A

Narrow down expectations to: Personality traits that they’re looking for (Humour, Reliability, Intelligence, etc.). • Exercising discretion with turn-offs – such as Lack of Ambition or Negativity.

Step 5. What You Say Matters

A carefully chosen compliment can open huge opportunities and seal the deal when approached in suitable circumstances.

Substep A

Be creative and avoid clichés! Skip “Your hair is so shiny”, turn towards interesting guests arriving at parties to express a genuine likeness like “That’s one cool shirt you’ve got!”

Substep B

Steps two through four got you tongue-tied? Don’t Despair! Check out its surroundings for possible conversation-starters—a piece of expensive or interesting jewelry perhaps will enable opening line.

Step 6: Be Authentic always!

Once involved doesn’t rely on trying too hard by pretending interests are lined up precisely or turning into someone else.
Stick true feeling: Talk about things which matters most rather than attention-seeking gimmicks – this method keeps insecure behaviour under wraps enabling real connection to build fully.


Even better… if something isn’t working–or feels simply off, just be honest—clearly communicating intentions builds trust while showing strength simultaneously!

Step7 : Observe Hygiene Etiquettes Nervously

While some might say hygiene isn’t necessary prerequisite it is indeed important One must smell good enough around people who trigger attraction towards oneself but having daily care measures helps prevent body odours from affecting interpersonal relationships adversely.

Table 1:Eat these fruits
| Fruits | Dosage |
| ————-|—————–|
| Mangoes |Eat till satisfied|
| Watermelons |Limit Intake |

For Maximum Effect apply following deodorants:

Men’s Deo Stick:

• Sweat stopper

• Non-greasy

• 24-hour protection with Anti-stain

Women’s Deo Spray

• Antibacterial and non-irritant

Step 8: Respect Boundaries Always!

Knowing one’s limits concerning personal boundaries is critical when pursuing someone attractive. Recognize aspects like comfort levels/trust build-up leading to more stable bonding.


Factoring in other person’s emotions even imagining how you might feel if reversal happens creates sensitivity essential for any potential relationship to become robust!!. Catcalling/Leering/Pushing persistence isn’t cute—just distasteful

Table Two: Actions That Cross Personal Boundaries
| Offences | |
| ————————————–|—–|
| Overstepping physical space | XX |
| Persistent communication-even online! | X |

Note: “X” indicates violations of boundary protocols, which ultimately risks encountering negative outcomes for either party.

Conclusion – Keep Your Expectations In Check!

Finding anyone attractive can be an electrifying feeling towards someone but not everyone will produce a satisfying result romantically speaking!
Keep acquaintanceship momentum toward positive experiences that leads us towards successful bondings –whatever form such may take.