What to do when you feel overwhelmed and anxious?

Feeling overwhelmed and anxious is a very common phenomenon in this fast-paced world. With work deadlines, personal commitments, relationship issues, social media pressure, and whatnots bombarding us every day, it’s no wonder we all feel like we could use an escape or five. However! There are some great ways to combat these overwhelming feelings that don’t involve locking yourself in the bathroom with a pint of ice cream (although that can sometimes help too).

Talk to someone

Talking things through with a trusted friend or family member is one way to deal with feelings of overwhelm and anxiety. It can be cathartic just to vent your thoughts out loud… even if your loved one has no idea what you’re on about.

Alternatively if your worry runs more severe than that then visiting a qualified professional may be particularly helpful. A psychologist might seem cliché but oftentimes talking things out under the guidance of an impartial expert really shifts how we perceive our stimuli.

While it’s hard – particularly as Britons – for many people worried about bothering others , rest assured there is often somebody who will lend their ear whatever silly rambling has been going round like tumbleweed inside heads.

Go for walkabouts

Nature walks not only have health benefits such as reducing blood pressure and improving fitness levels but they’ve been proven time-and-time again at helping reduce stress levels (both mentally and physically). Try strolling around parks nearby taking stock the flora blooming seasonal/lurking wildlife within – benefiting from nature’s calming powers plus exercise never hurt anyone(except maybe Pheidippides)

If Wildlife’s less accommodating where settling (I’m looking at you Scarborough) closing legs & arms coaching focused deep breaths while woefully pretending waves crashing among pebbles are paradise should eventually bring down heart rates/general grumpiness as well reflecting considerately over upcoming day.

Work towards a goal

Having something of tangible focus can be worth its weight in stress. It’s important to choose something realistic and achievable, whether it’s learning a new hobby or working towards a tiny project even if said tinkering results serve no other purpose than impressing oneself (worthwhile yet hardly instagrammable!)

Breaking goals down into easily digestible steps is helpful for ensuring momentum is maintained when things feel particularly draining – but let’s not get ahead of ourselves because we’re still on chunky advice-number-3 after all.

Aiming small and winnable takes the pressure off belief within possibility everything must happen at once – rather completing smaller accomplishments should gradually build sustainable client confidence instead fleeting achievement euphoria (unless that modest little victory soars self-esteem tenfold).

Limit media exposure

It’s astonishingly easy for anxiety levels to skyrocket due social/electronic media (especially at present) nowadays with its endless stream of information bombarding us from all angles (/24 hour news cycles, climate alarmists hiding behind computer screens… where does it end?). While quitting entirely may be unrealistic living under modern conditions balancing incoming data intake vs personal mental health limits is important — specifically tuning out misanthropic/anxiety troubling sources & refraining from online discussions which my cause enviousness (“Someone genetically engineered pet unicorn?!”), negativity, etc will prove healthier more productive way forward.

Do Don’t
Watch comedy/heartwarming shows/Musical numbers Watch horror movies/sad documentaries
Keep up with current events Obsess over awful/current events

Remember: We’re only humans and nobody has the capacity to take on everybody else’s problems (and constant immersion in Borgen won’t change that).
It’s integral that human beings engage positively with themselves otherwise end up hopelessly disillusioned scrolling through cat videos convinced existence feline dominated – this pessimistic attitude is probably one of the few surefire ways to guarantee a downward spiral… and we’re aiming for the opposite here folks!

Take time out

Pushing through when feeling overwhelmed can sometimes do more harm than good. When everything seems too much, it’s important to give yourself permission to take time out (yes! Put down that unnecessary social function and relax).It could be something as simple as taking an hour in bath or some quality time spent with a pet – both equally strong players de-stressors.

Of course if you go Worry-Wart/Catastrophizing over not being productive enough during these hours fear not: restoring balance refuelling wellbeing benefits every area daily living ultimately contributing making life livable in the broader scheme of things rather burnouts where only thing happening is wishing GHD was never invented.

Treating yourself (to each their own)

Remember risk/reward equation learned closely during school years? Applying liberally rewarding oneself for achievements helps break negative-coping-cycle so even gum clacking at appropriate volume levels deserving treat acknowledge growth prospective happens beforehand.

While material objects are great bonuses celebrating victories, there are alternative rewards serving same mindset regulation purposes (an added Sugarbowl after all we ain’t advocating breaking bank accounts unless that’s what person wants):

  • Go on holidays – short breaks farther from usual habitat typically work wonders relaxing brains instead constant stimulation
  • Reading books/magazines/newspapers just because they’re entertaining without care prospect improving grey matter conductivity 
  • Trying out new recipes/favourite dishes or ordering-in those takeaway meals enjoyed sans guilt that one evening once fortnight (Henceforth known comfort food appreciation moment) 

Establishing treating habits guarantees enhanced mental health prospects which due ever-important serotonin boost plus chance actually sitting back enjoying successes wished for without harsh internal guilt trips – and who can argue with that?

Build a support network

Having friends or family members, one trusts (not Cousin Fanny’s second husband twice removed) is crucial as maintaining mental health vital. Everyone needs somebody to talk because actually, getting advice/support from another separate human being incredibly useful!

It may be humiliating discussing own confused thoughts out loud but those who reciprocate this with same tenderness don’t mind making things terribly gratifying for both parties enabling shared maturity deeper relationship bonding plus enriched life experience.

Not everyone wants sympathy/morale boost- empathetically listening legitimizes respondent perspective on matters offered faux-friendliness never could
Authorize personal space – under no circumstances is any pressure to make decisions in moment necessary
Time invested supporting appreciated massively by receiver while reciprocal supportive actions more likely if precedent set aside familiar comfort zones

Morning-beers generally frowned upon in society; however, having an acting-level quality social circle valued always.

Life can certainly feel overwhelming sometimes (okay… all the time) Which regularly leaves us battling successive waves of anxiety-inspired dread. Alas! But worry not [reader]. By keeping goals achievable and realistic, speaking about these worries aloud instead pretending nothing wrong at all (a trait many Pheobies worldwide are guilty of!), breaking unhealthy information-inundation cycles digitally and treating oneself kindly/helpfully when pressures feel too high humanity moves forward together toward better sanity prospects.

That’s definitely one small scoop fulled article-worth collection helpful hints ruminations & suggestions exciting readership possible growth opportunities emotionally intellectually physically ( we hope!) Simply put: take care people!

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