What to do when you cramp up?

You know that feeling when a part of your body tightens up and feels like it’s about to explode? No, I’m not talking about an emotional breakdown – I’m talking about muscle cramps. Whether you’re just finishing a workout or waking up in the middle of the night with leg cramps, everyone experiences them at some point in their life. So what can you do when you feel one coming on? Here are some tips for relieving those pesky cramps.

First things first: Identify where the cramp is

Before trying any remedies, make sure you identify which muscle group or area is affected by the cramp. Knowing precisely where it is helps target treatment towards that particular spot.

Here, let me help:

  • Arm: forearm (below elbow)
  • Shoulder: deltoid muscles (upper-arm)
  • Abdomen/torso: lower ribs or abdominal wall; may be referred pain from somewhere inside abdomen.
  • Thigh: quadriceps( thigh front), hamstrings(thigh back)
  • Lower Legs : Calves( after mid-thigh to above ankle) & Foot ( Plantar region)

Now that we know how many points we have conquered…

Flex and stretch

This technique may seem obvious but there’s more than meets the eye…oh wait..‘sight’! Ha!

Flexing your cramped muscular warrior allows oxygen-rich blood flow into specific areas of concern which loosens stiffened joints naturally causing unwarranted pain.

Similarly, stretching releases potential compressed nerves supplying nutrient-rich blood around problematic pulses thereby increasing flexibility and range-of-motion through gentle movements within pumped fluids.

Simply put: CRAMP/Aisle=Move Your Muscle/ Become Pain Free

Oh! And don’t forget this vital advice–Stretch before exercising too much physical activity speeds up muscle contractibility in its resting phase thus increasing the propensity towards occurrences of cramps. 😛

Use some Ice Ice Baby

An ice bag compress held over your cramped muscles promotes improved blood flow, reduces inflammation inside target spots of muscular contractions by slightly reducing cell metabolic rates and aids pain relief too.

If you don’t own an ice pack just use DIY substitutes like a frozen vegetable bag…maybe peas or carrots? (Please empty out water residues first!)

Capsaicin is your answer

No, not Cayenne Pepper!

Capsaicin derived from jalapenos and chilli peppers induces heat on affected muscles eventually causing nerve endings to become immune to chronic pain even when cramping occurs several times.

Told ya the solution does NOT lie with Tacos Al Carbon!

Simply put: Apply ointments with capsaicin extract onto affected area for instant results.

Smoke it Out!

While we advocate staying away from smoking & drug abuse? The herbal plant cannabis known best as “weed” contains anti-inflammatory agents that contain cannabidiol (CBD) particles which aid most types of cramp-related issues.

  • but crackheads…wait! Sorry I meant chiropractors are always preferable over smoking habits.

This herb may even relieve symptoms of severe Menstrual cramps experienced routinely during menstrual cycles in women who may also feel nauseous or wish to vomit due to bouts of unbearable physical pain.

But since this enhancement shall remain outlawed under certain circumstances please consult reliable medical professionals before using it medicinally.

Drink Enough Water

Pre-hydration protocols instituted prior intense exercises help delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) making available sufficient muscular nourishment within contracted cells through effective transport mechanisms repeated continuously after regular meals most every day.

Therefore; Drinking enough amounts of water helps prevent low electrolyte levels forming for extended durations thereby reducing rate chances towards unexpected sprained injuries while improving bodily kinetic movement experienced across time persistency

Pungent Pickle Juice

Gag! I know hear me out before you judge:

Pickle juice contains vinegar, salt and water which are important electrolyte solutions required by human cells for normal muscle contractions

A recent review published in the Journal of Athletic Training reports enhanced electrical activity in muscles following consumption of pickled food derivatives reducing risk factors concerning cramp occurrences.

So don’t be afraid to take a shot next time your feet suddenly twist your leg with scorching pain.

Note: Since pickle juices often contain high levels of sodium intake, individuals on medications increasing sodium complex ratios or diagnose require an adjustments in their daily dietary routine.

Warm Baths

Who doesn’t love to soak away stiffness & fatigue?! Health practitioners agree that warm but not searing hot! baths reset body sensory functions thus optimising muscular flexibility.

Lukewarm baths aid specific metabolic function improvements causing blood flow into affected regions providing rapid healing especially after intensive exercises such as weightlifting that productively increases chances towards delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).


Nothing like some good ol’ stress relief right? Well it seems massage has much more benefits than just feeling relaxed—It improves electrophysiological recordings from intact neck muscles thereby unlocking its potential capabilities with possible therapeutic results benefiting relaxation merely though inhibition innate side-effects induced while continuing physical activity over periodically reinforced repeated movements seen within nodal junctures; Also great at releasing pressure knots accumulated through rigorous training regimes enhancing agility and productivity towards successful athletic career!

A masseuse practicing martial arts even acupressure points may positively affect chronic physiological and empirical evidence improvements like paralysis due spinal chord injuries.

Further studies show lower recovery times after racing challenges experienced extending reduced inflammation rates drastically improving compression speeds wearing shoes aiding plantar fasciitis resolution outcomes anticipated among professional athletes.

Cramps may be debilitating, but it doesn’t have to stop you from performing daily functions. Little hacks can go a long way with our beloved muscular massagers. From flexing and stretching to taking warm baths or trying out injections containing capsaicin extracts, solution always is cheaper then suffering insurmountable agony endlessly.

So next time when those thigh muscles start twitching –Don’t Panic!. Just leave the anxiety and tension aside– these self-help techniques promise Relief—to Stretch ‘N Heal!

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