What to do when vomiting because of alcohol?

Mistakes are expected, especially during those weekends when we wanted to forget everything and just have a good time. Most people end up with no memory of the previous night or worse, wake-up with vomit all over them. Truly disgusting! But don’t worry; this article will save your life! We’ve got some tips that can help you survive your hangover.

Embrace Your Vomiting

We know it sounds crazy but trust us on this one — embrace the fact that you’re vomiting because of alcohol. Vomiting is actually helpful in removing those toxic chemicals from your body by triggering the protective reflex mechanism. It means go ahead and let yourself be sick if needed.

Do not Panic

Take a deep breath (for fresh air) and hold tight – it’s going to be okay even though right now it feels like hell, don’t panic there’s still hope for you yet. The key here is not to stress out, as anxiety only makes matters worse since it tends to tighten muscles throughout our bodies which will only increase nausea sensations.

Find a Comfortable Position

It’s best if you find somewhere comfortable – like lying down or sitting up straight – whatever works best for you so that any additional movement won’t further irritate what’s already trying its best not to come back up again.

Check out these effective sleeping positions:
  • Sleep on your side
  • Lie at an angle
  • Use extra pillows

A bad posture enhances acid reflux and increases discomfort levels exponentially, so take note since correcting posture might prevent future episodes of regurgitation from occurring:

 Ways To Correct Bad Posture:
  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Stretch often.
  • Keep shoulders relaxed.

But wait…before moving onto other options such as meds/food/drinks, consider stabilising the body by performing a body scan.

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