What to do when u have ur period?

We’ve all been there before, that dreaded time of the month. But fear not, because we’re here to help you get through it with some tips and tricks! Whether you’re a seasoned menstruator or new to the game, this guide will give useful suggestions on how to glide through your periods with ease.

Understanding Your Menstrual Cycle

Before diving right into what to do when sitting in that pool of crimson tide again, let’s take a moment and understand menstrual cycles!

Your monthly treasure hunt: Finding courage till next month- Cupid

The menstrual cycle is an essential aspect of reproductive anatomy for women. It serves as an indicator that our bodies are functioning correctly – hormones responsible for regulating fertility shift throughout each stage.
Typical menstrual cycles usually range from 21 to 35 days; however, there’s no ‘normal’ period length since every woman’s body is different.
Menstruation may cause cramps, bloating (fluid retention), sore breasts, headaches, mood swings, fatigue etc., which leads us straight onto discussing ‘period hacks.’

Now let’s discuss some ways you can make your next week or so more comfortable.

Manage Period Cramps

One thing most often associated with periods happens during those first few days: THE CRAMPS (cue horror music). Here are some fantastic tips and tricks:


Exercise lightens up our mood by releasing endorphins making us less anxious (not suitable for those who suffer severe pain) Stick into easy stretches where appropriate- yoga might be too strenuous.

Heat Therapy

Using heat pads can warm crucial lower abdomen muscles which reduce muscle contractions thus reducing pain. Find something hot like heating pads/ silicon gel packs online cheap

Pain kills

Self-sustained anti-inflammatories such ibuprofen work well in relieving cramps.

Period Bloat Management

Although it’s not really our fault, period bloating made us look like we’ve gained five pounds. Here are some things to help alleviate this:

Keep Hydrated and eat right away

Drinking lots of water flushes extra fluids out of your system; consuming light meals (around five or six a day) may assist in maintaining steady blood sugar.

Avoid Salt & Sugary Foods

Excessive salt intake can cause bloating as it assists with fluid retention inside cells. Stay away from processed foods and snacks instead choose healthy options such as fruits or vegetables.

Light Stitched Clothing

Wear clothing that is lighter / looser fitting around the waistline to keep pressure off the stomach region.

Embrace Your Skin Changes

Periods suck, mainly because they wreck havoc on our skin by causing breakouts, rashes/ acne. Fear no more – here are some simple solutions for maintaining healthy-looking skin:

Cleansing Routine

Rinse face(es) three four times every daytime regularly using mild facial wash to remove sebum-oily particles which mean less active glands eliminate oils-Not everyone’s diet influences their pores)(Some variables consist of polycystic ovary syndrome)

Massages Enrich Blood circulation:

Through facials once a month while feeling restless ask friends! And most importantly remember stress means oil production!

Menstrual Pad Love:

For people who utilise pads during periods…

  1. Instead of standard bunched up toilet paper when caught out in a sticky situation bring spare pads.Reusing sanitation items comes with concerns linked biologically

2.Wearing breathable underwear rather than tight ones helps air circulate around vital organs which subsequently aid/reduce yeast bacterial growth .(Needless to say please change sanitary pads after every few hours).

3.Travel small ’emergency’ bags containing pills and two-three extra things.

Menstrual Cup Diva:

If you are a menstrual cup user, there is no more denying it; they involve some sort of learning curve before usage.

Reading the instructions and start slow and steady

It’s essential to properly read the instruction manuals in whichever category that suits your needs (they’re all different); according to seasoned pros, begin with smaller sizes.

Handling & Cleaning Points

Please ensure relaxing while placing/removing cups, never push them entirely towards uterus or have long fingernails liable for causing serious damage .

Cleaning entails boiling prior use and during regular intervals please invest in a sterilizing/ sanitization product designed particularly for periodic supplies)


Although periods can feel like endurance tests strongly believe people without this inconvenience would not trade their own private components. There are numerous ways to manage these symptoms vary from person to person( one method doesn’t necessarily work for everyone) These hacks may make things marginally tolerable- Cramps ? Pop an ibuprofen! Feeling Bloat? Water up and brace light meals! Raging hormones/Loud breakouts? Decent cleansing regime! Per hourly -Peding Lights say whaaat?? Take care of yourself today! Perfect time digging out favourite comfy kitT-shirt& watch your favourite show/Bond over pizza sessions/treat yourselves with junk.

Now get ready to face period days head-on armed with these tips — Happy Perioding!!!