What to do when u have a fever and headache?

Hello there, fellow fever sufferers! Are you feeling like you’ve been hit by a truck? Do you want nothing more than to curl up in a ball and disappear until the sickness passes? Well, I’ve got some good news for you: You’re not alone! In fact, fever is one of the most common ailments out there. Unfortunately, it can come with headaches, chills, body aches – all sorts of fun stuff that can make your life miserable.

But fear not! This guide will help walk you through what to do when those nasty symptoms strike.

Get Your Rest On

The first rule of any illness is always this one: REST. Whether it’s taking time off work or school or just chillaxing on the couch at home (preferably under several blankets), giving your body time to relax and recover is key. So go ahead and take naps during the day if need be – no judgement here!

Hydrate Like It’s Going Out Of Style

Staying hydrated isn’t just important when we’re working out or sweating profusely; it’s also essential when dealing with fever as well. These illnesses often cause us to lose fluids rapidly due to sweating, which makes replenishing them even more crucial. Be sure to drink lots of water throughout the day – aim for several glasses per hour if possible!

Indulge Your Inner “Soup-er” Hero

We’ve all heard chicken soup described as “Jewish penicillin,” right? That’s because scientists have actually discovered that chicken soup does indeed boost our immune systems when sick thanks in part due its anti-inflammatory properties (now ain’t science grand). So next time Grandma offers her homemade chicken soup while being jnust an overall sweetheart who wants u better ASAP…take ’em up on this offer!

Medicate. Medicate? Medicat… Oh, Just Take an Advil Already!

If you’re experiencing a fever and headache (or really any unpleasant symptoms), taking some sort of pain or fever reducer may be warranted. Over-the-counter options like ibuprofen (brand name: Advil) can be helpful in easing your suffering, but if there are other complications with the illness it’s always best to consult ur doc–just sayin’.

And when we talk about medication we also have to mention less Medical professionals more Home remedies which for example include gargling salt water for sore throats (and possibly demonic possession), inhaling eucalyptus oil for congestion (it’ll put hair on your chest), sleeping with onion on feet – I swear this is not a made up thing! YES the odour will drench through bedsheets valiantly reminding u what society calls “unfortunate wisdom” everytime u climb into bed.

Sweat It Out

This tip might only apply to those hearty souls out there who actually enjoy exercise, but here goes: working up a sweat while sick can often help ease some of the uncomfortable feelings associated with illnesses like fever and headaches. Not only does sweating release toxins from our bodies aiding healing process, bethe feel-good Endorphins released during workout sessions can offer temporarily relief as well. (Warning: Consult medical advice before doing stufz that strain your body.)

Focus mainly on low-impact workouts such as yoga or walking until ur condition improves again, guys.

Cool Down When Necessary

When dealing with fevers especially accompanoed by hot flashes aka drum roll menopause — any type of heat waves gone rogue -, sometimes cooling down is more effective than anything else we’ve mentioned thus far in this guide. Ways to cool off include placing cold compresses on ur forehead/temples/body areas prone to excess heat, hopping into cold shower (or using vast amounts of cold water in the bath tub) and…wading belly deep in a kiddie pool filled with ice cubes. Hey brave ones is fun!

Don’t Be Afraid To Seek Professional Help

Okay declaring that GOING TO THE DOCTOR –when not sure whether u need medical attention– might put u on edge for multiple reasons but hear it out: If you’ve been experiencing fever symptoms for more than a day or two, or things seem to be getting worse instead of better? It’s always good to talk to ur healthcare provider about next steps.

There could be something else going on other than an average flu-cold combo package here friends. From infections caused by bacteria or viruses; serious diseases like meningitis (life-threatening condition), as-well-as less scary conditions like sinus infections can cause fevers and headaches too so best leave it up to professionals.

The moral of this guide is that when dealing with illnesses such as having fever & headache Tag teaming? – rest, fluids, chicken soup (for yer soul) and some over-the-counter medication can offer quick relief each time. But if symptoms persists , there’s no shame in seeking help from your doctor or any other trained professional). So go forth conquering those germs knowing you have now read ye olde Hamlet script…..of how 2 win against sickness during frenetically challenging times we live y’all!

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