What to do when the pregnancy test is positive?

You might be feeling a mix of emotions after seeing two pink lines on your pregnancy test. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed, excited, happy or scared at the same time. If you’re unsure about what you need to do when your pregnancy test is positive, worry not! We’ve gathered all the information and put together a comprehensive guide that’ll help answer every query popping up in your mind.

Confirm Your Pregnancy

Congratulations! You have taken an important step by confirming the good news. However,don’t start making big announcements just yet, as false positives are possible but rare. Make sure you take another home-based pregnancy test after 2-3 days to confirm the results.

If both tests show a positive result, it’s time for an appointment with your doctor. They will want to check everything and ensure that everything’s alright with mom-to-be and baby.

Choose A Health Care Provider

It’s crucial to find healthcare providers when pregnant; they’ll see you through major developments during these upcoming months., such as prenatal vitamins, screening tests for birth defects or complications in future pregnancies etc.

There are four primary types of maternity health care professionals: obstetricians/gynecologists (OBGYNs), midwives-certified nurse practitioners (CNMs) doulas-labor coaches trained in providing emotional support throughout delivery process . Finding someone due-date-specific who specialize in parenthood could make ‘family planning’ much easier – which sometimes needs reassurance from experienced doctors.

It’s also critical that either OB-GYNS/midwives are under ‘your medical insurance plan’. Otherwise expenses can burn holes even before little one arrives!

Share The News With Everyone Who Matters

Excitement overload may lead some couples into announcing pregnancy too early publicly . But sharing updates regarding successful confirmation would still be fun enough !

Sharing becomes especially tricky when you’re not ready to announce yet in the workplace. There are some ways around it for example just announcing it among one specific team member, and following their protocol.

Stay On Top Of Certain Foods And Nutrients

To nourish a growing fetus inside you or trying-to-conceive parent(s), certain nutrients must be ingested daily. Folic acid – helps prevent birth defects, while iron helps form blood cells needed by both mother and baby . Omega-3 acids might assist in brain development—the proper intake of nutrition recommended during pregnancy with regular prenatal appointments that should keep mom and baby healthy throughout those early months after conception!

Limiting large amounts of healthcare from ‘iodine’. This means only consuming approved sources like kelp supplements over refined iodized salt products.

Pregnant people should also avoid foods such as processed meats which increase nitrate levels dangerous when pregnant or unpasteurized dairy products including soft cheese like brie, camembert etc because they can contain bacteria Listeria-causing serious complications without immediate medical attention .

If unsure about what is safe food-wise? Talk to your doctor who’ll provide much more detailed advice tailor-made for your pregnancy’s needs.

When snacking on fruits make sure that grapefruits are steered clear of ,as this increases hormone estrogen responsible for inducing menstruation periods; hence isn’t always best halfway through first trimester ! Instead opt-in instead for high-fiber oranges, tangerines (halos) or clementines-all filled with vitamin-C good health infant/child body growth targets 🙂

Catch Enough Sleep

It’s crucial to get plenty of rest while carrying child thanks mainly due changes occurring in pregnancies alone – hormones + stress leads to exhausting days so set time aside each day where possible(or night!) unwind fully did wonders already seen improvements mentally replacing alcohol drugs wheresoever applicable any plus wellbeing always recommended.

Prepare For Your Prenatal Appointment

Before your prenatal appointment, be sure to make a list of all medicines you are taking, any persistent medical conditions or allergies. Up-to-date blood work, urine tests and pap smear exams should determine if there’s an issue requiring particular care.

Your doctor will want to know several things aside from this: basic health history including risk factors such as diabetes heart disease have/are about to affect pregnancy outcome(s). Share concerns with them early on so that the procedure/s may take concern into consideration.

Start Taking Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins include Iron + Folic acid supplements recommended for expectant mothers past month 12 weeks ago. This is essential in supporting proper development of baby’s spine tissue function hematological production organs , red blood cells-metabolism-all critical during final stages when child born .

Morning sickness can also lead some expectant parents to not ingest enough vitamin B6 where supplements might assist with morning sickness symptoms giving mom-to-be immediate relief from nausea!

Expecting moms can either choose water-soluble pills like vitamin C or opt-in instead for chewable gummies whereas other options available at prescription stores could help provide extra comfort required until birthed !

Prepare Financially For Parental Consideration

Finally – it’s time for setting up new budgets especially around parental expenses commence months leading up till due date . While furnishing package essentials sometimes marketed costly than regular items (SPOILER ALERT : they usually ARE) babies grow way too fast sometimes leaving barely-used-for-starters gifts stored rarely renewed . Focus more low/mid-priced necessities by trimming needs versus wants versus reducing usage those that already been accumulated pretty much cover costs beforehand plus simpler life demands less maintenance tasks each day 😉


This guide has answered most questions which arise when someone finds out about their pregnancy result being positive. Pregnancy brings joyous moments but stressful ones as well; it’s thus imperative always stay calm, get good rest health coaching from a trusted provider on this magical journey!