What to do when someone passes out drunk?

If you have spent enough time in a college dorm room, frat house, or party scene, it’s safe to say that you’ve seen someone passed out drunk! It could be your best friend or anyone else around. Passing out drunk is quite common among people who don’t know their limits and mix too much alcohol with drugs. Naturally, if someone passes out as a result of binge drinking (Don’t try this at home) there’s always a sense of panic and fear that sets in about what to do next.

In such scenarios, the last thing one can do is nothing! So here are some tips on how to handle the situation when somebody gets so incredibly plastered that they fall unconscious (sounds terrifying!).

Stay Calm

It’s totally understandable for you to feel overwhelmed by the situation but acting calm will not only allow you to react better but also helps everyone around stay composed. Remember we’re all human – No need freaking out like Godzilla!

Try Waking Them Up

Some individuals may just be sleeping after having had one too many drinks while others might really have passed out due to excessive consumption/mixing of alcohol/drugs. In case of mild drunkenness ensure;
– They are lying down comfortably
– They won’t choke on their vomit
– Enough sleep
But when someone is intensely hard-drunk/unresponsive; try talking loudly nearby face-frontal area (Chin if that helps!) , An electric jolt might work (just kidding) . Otherwise call an emergency hotline immediately.

Position them appropriately

Once sure they aren’t going make any sudden movements keep them positioned well either leaning against something or laying sideways (Recovery position) as this can avoid choking risk even further if vomiting uncontrollably occurs.

Undress/or remove tight-fitted clothing

Sometimes clothing strap/hemming can cause pressure points, heat entrapment or even constrict air circulation and change your unconscious friend’s blood flow. So, easier access to lots of fresh-air is always helpful – just strip them down except for undies under any covers..

Keep Them Warm

Now that the person has been stripped off tight clothes and shoes it’s time to ensure they are warm by covering lightly with a blanket use emergency mylar wrap (these things reflect heat) as an alternative.


Alcohol dehydrates our system heavily, so once semi-conscious get liquored-up (of course we’re talking water/juice here). Lookout for signs of hypovolemia because excessive alcohol causes diuresis leading to dehydration

Check The Vital Signs

Drunk body functions may offer rapid drops in breathing rates; therefore one should check regularly that pulse rate flows normally. Keeping eyes open stably well & skin temperature constant norm-range.

  • Blood Glucose Levels – especially if passed out due to diabetes
  • Blood pressure-monitoring

Knowing even basics of CPR and how-defibrillators work won’t hurt either (if you’re unsure watch online tutorials).

Final Words:

In all their drunkenness ignorance its likely someone might pass out but then again among friends around this scenario shouldn’t be too difficult! Make sure that if someone ends up zoning-out others don’t take advantage (no drawing-with-marker-pen-on-face shenanigans) recovery from such cases guarantees sober laughs later on ‘at least you went home without plastic clothes on!’

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