What to do when a child is drowning?

You’re sitting by the pool drinking your Pina colada, soaking up the sun, and enjoying life when suddenly you hear a blood-curdling scream. You look up to see someone yelling about their child drowning in the deep end of the pool! Panic sets in as you realize that you have no idea what to do next. Fear not my friend, for I am here with some tips on what to do when a child is drowning.

Don’t Just Stand There!

The very first thing you need to remember is don’t just stand there! Time is of the essence, every second counts when it comes to saving someone’s life. So get out of your deck chair and take action immediately.

Get Help

As soon as possible, shout for people around or specifically call 911 (emergency services) for help. In case if anyone else at hand knows CPR then they can try performing CPR while waiting for additional assistance.

Call for Professional Assistance

It’s important that you remain calm and clear-headed during this situation so be sure to give accurate information regarding where exactly it happened and providing some pertinent details.

Overcoming Panics & Frustrations

Remaining composed under such pressure can prove challenging but try overcoming panicking before making any judgemental decision over certain aspects related like- whether diving directly into water will cause more harm than good because sometimes due unawareness uninformed person may make risky decisions which must be avoided during emergencies.

Fish Out The Child From Water

If safe access clears out post presence secure space from hazards including power cables or chemicals place both hands under armpits pull him/her towards chest /abdominals region without yanking too hard(engage minimum force required only). Take care not drop his head back nor let water seep through breathing pathways as most time being unconscious sputtering can’t refrain intake water(Choking) resulting into respiratory arrest.

Assess Unconsciousness

Once you have rescued the child from water, assess whether he/she is conscious or not.

Check For Breathing

Put your ear close to their nose and mouth (for no longer than 10 seconds). If they’re breathing normally (thank God), lay them on their side and monitor them closely while waiting for medical assistance. Try maintaining up continuous oxygen supply through artificial ventilation in case of short breaths however before this make sure it doesn’t become more fatal by further choking or causing additional pain.

Start CPR

If there’s no sign of normal breathing start performing Chest Compression’s along with giving repeated abrupt puffs of air mainating a rhythm at an interval between every pause otherwise known as Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation commonly referred to as CPR until help arrives.

Don’t Leave Until Help Arrives!

You shouldn’t leave the child alone under any circumstances because if something happens again and nobody notices it’ll be even more difficult to save him/her the next time around. We know pools are rife with dangers but in-spite acknowledging cause never avoid leaving children unattended near water during daytime hours when lifeguards aren’t around when visiting campaign sites.

Never Assume Anything!

As well-educated society we often assume things without completely knowing; On reaching scene analyze surrounding situation, check if Poisoning exists due fallacy or assumption try not worsening situation rather address issue wisely because sometimes causation don’t exist from places you thought they did like ‘the suspects can include insect repellants and other cleaners’ which could also pose risks.

Take Precautions & Prevent Such Incidents From Happening Again

Taking some precautions will lessen the likelihood of incidents take place one such method recreating safe surroundings by installing secure pool covers after spending quality-time family may forget securing area properly therefore coverages provides stable shield keep unwanted stray-stuffs away from pooling area particularly when visitors are over. Try adding such accessories to add safety and minimizing such errors may prevent any repercussion.


Things can happen even under the watchful eye of the most attentive parents, family members or lifeguards deeming substantial care still accidents might transpire eventually but avoid further impact it’s important that we all learn what to do in emergency situations like rescuing a drowning child along with some preventive measures added as per site situation ensuring everyone’s safety while having fun by poolsides. With these tips & tricks always stay alert towards safety perks which undoubtedly saves lives!