What to do when a blister pops?

Ah, the pesky blister. That tiny bubble of annoyance that can turn any walk from pleasant to painful in just seconds. And if you’re one of those lucky few who has witnessed the horror show that is a popped blister, well then congrats! You’ve just crossed into a whole new level of gross. But before we dive into what you should do when this happens (spoiler alert: it involves ointment), let’s take some time to appreciate these little bubbles of foot-love.

Blister woes

Blisters are like your foot’s version of Netflix binging – totally harmless until they become all-consuming and ruin everything else in your life. Ok, maybe not everything but blisters can certainly put a damper on things as small as walking down the street or more important activities such as running marathons.

The anatomy of blisters

To truly understand how blisters tick, we need to go back to biology class for a moment. In layman terms, fluid-filled pockets form beneath dead layers skin due to some combination friction and heat or moisture build-up caused by whatever footwear chose that day (side-eyeing stilettos) They can be filled with clear or bloody fluids depending on where they were triggered by trauma/given enough time etc.

Popped Blister Panic

Back up there folks- did somebody mention Popsicles?

A Disaster Worse Than Stepping On Lego

Look guys, I know poppin’ bottles may seem cool and fun but nothing screams ‘my life sucks right now’ quite like a popped blister

This is mainly because once the top layer bursts open- exposing raw flesh underneath which can sting pretty bad/ feel unpleasant anyway even without exposed tissue?- those cute socks you put on first thing in the morning will suddenly act full-time sandpaper until you can properly address the issue.

Myth Busting The Popped-Blister-Panic

Don’t get it twisted though, popping a blister isn’t always bad news. On occasion, this is actually what medical professionals will recommend! But as far as your pops-boiling-in-water technique? A hard no- Just because something inflates doesn’t mean that making it pop will give either party pleasure after the fact.

So if popping a blister won’t solve all my problems and may well make things worse… now what?!

So What Should You Do?

Grab a chair/footrest/strong-beverage because here comes some expert tips on how to handle yourself post-popperino!

Step One – Say Goodbye To Dead Skin.

That’s right folks we are getting our exfoliation (and may I add – by force) on like never before~ If the top of your blister has torn open that means dead skin needs to be removed from around tender new skin revealed underneath.

With clean hands(!!), wipe away any loose flap or edges carefully trying not to tear further away/large piece. Calmly cut extra stubborn pieces with clean nail scissors Please please please do not continue if there are huge chunks hanging off as this could lead infection onset eww)

Clean It Like Somebody Is Watching

Now let’s roll up those sleeves washes those flippin’ mittens and following basic hygiene head towards cleaning surfaces so intimate yourselves slightly less tarnished from daily wear and tear!!

Cleaning the area around an exposed wound is really important when preventing infections or inflammations after such incidents happening.t And yes very true: ‘Prevention lies at core of best cures’.

Glad tidings for all Clorox worshippers, opt for hydrogen peroxide, rubs/detergents antiseptics etc in rubbing alcohol form(if any of these are available). You can also use a gentle saline solution, this will help clear the area of debris and lower your risk of infection. Clean daily until healed.

The Ointment Coating

Now that everything has been thoroughly sanitized congratulations- you’ve now leveled up to ointment application status! Your online pharmacy might want to give me media fees soon enough…

Choose an ointment which is slippery like petroleum jelly. This is because it minimizes further rubbing against clothes or shoes while soothing any soreness from exposures encountered by torn areas.

Apply gently as too much pressure is likely to pop anything bloated beneath inducing tears ( pun intended sorry).

A Special Cubby Isolated for Boo Boos Like Yours!

Gather-up lego & other toys lying around-the house and baby,this cubby belongs only bootsie here! So keep them fidgety fingers off with sock covering blisters in place rather than messing with em 24/7 because distraction / incessant need tackling without wearing out spoons. Plus gloves provide excellent barrier preventing dirt accumulation during healing journey undertaken by our brave foot skin warriors!!

Yeah, don’t be gross guys.
I won’t lecture on omitting flip-flops at public places including community pools cutting back foot sores cases plenty let’s just say: if risking life parasites crawling , think twice before scuffing your unprotected feet along sandy/beachy vistas at night(sheets could fall off otherwise)!

When To Call In The Professionals

Are There have been days when people would ignore burbling alcohol/pus sopping lesions’ existence? Absolutely not my friend – if situation reaches expected amount pain/accompanying heat swelling there besides bleeding alone please consult nearest medical representative ASAP!!!

Recognizing Whether blister-infection caused over matter time needs added check-ups very crucial too(here come army doctors/superheroes!) An increasing amount of foot pain while your wounded area appears reddened around base or there may be pus – all these signals it’s time to visit doctor’s office which shall help ensure wounds remain shut and taken care of properly .

Certain Skin Conditions

Folks with chronic illness manifesting in skin-based experiences are at higher risk of unchecked blister buildup. These include those having immune ailments such as lupus , diabetes, HIV etc.

Ulcerated blisters known as severe grade events appearing on feet more frequently among diabetics could hint towards nerve compromise , increasings the likelihood areas being infected.

People with abnormal growths cysts (malignant tumors) should have examination because- why not?

Complications Of Blood Blisters

Some blood related pathologies involve hematomas – sort-of uncontrolled bleeding situations where breakages occur beneath flesh forming clotting collections/advancing swelling that might hurt like hell!

Calcified blisters can also cause difficulties when trying to walk/run/hop/skip/jump tending getting very brittle easily fractured under stressors applied When things go too far- podiatrist involvement is ideal pending situation remains somewhat manageable by indie interventions…altho if you’re rocking a hot-pink cast please send our best regards anyway^_^

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