What to do when 8 months pregnant?

When you’re eight months pregnant, life can be a bit challenging. You may feel like your body is taking over and you have no control. But don’t worry, we’ve got some tips and tricks to help make this time more manageable.

Embrace Your Inner Mama

Let’s get real here; you’re going to be a mother soon! So why not take advantage of these last few weeks before baby arrives? Nesting might seem overwhelming, but it can also give you an outlet for all that anxious energy – plus your home will never look better!

  1. Design the nursery: Now’s the perfect time to decorate or redo the baby’s room.
  2. Stock up on supplies: Have you bought everything yet? Diapers, bottles, pacifiers … oh my!
  3. Meal prep: Make sure you have easy meals ready for when the little one comes.

Self-Care is Key

It’s essential in helping manage pregnancy symptoms while keeping yourself relaxed so take a deep breath – everything will work out great!

Mindful Meditation

Meditating & Yoga may sound difficult, but they are significant stress relievers during pregnancy – clear those thoughts and take care of yourself!

Relaxation Techniques

Take relaxation seriously by doing things that help ease tension from daily life experiences such as:

  • Warm bath with candles
  • Foot massage
  • Listen To Music
  • Watch Movies/ TV shows

Prenatal Massages

Most mommas-to-be experience back pains due to their bump interfering with their posture- it happens. But let’s break down what we can do about it! Get prenatal massages which target the areas where most pressure lies. Don’t struggle when there are experts out there who want nothing else than for your comfort.

Prepare Yourself Mentally And Healthwise

Preparing mentally and physically for delivery is crucial, and now’s the time to take care of it.

Childbirth Education Classes

Ready yourself for childbirth by taking classes that will offer knowledge on:

  • Breathing Techniques
  • Labor Positions
  • Pain Management Options
  • What To Expect In The Hospital

### Prenatal Exercise

With your doctor’s approval, exercising can help relieve pains, boost mood levels as well lose weight after giving birth.

Get Some Fresh Air & Bond with Nature

Nothing else brings more peace than spending some quality-time basking in nature’s beauty – getting connected with the earth. Thus spending your 8th month of pregnancy strolling around new places or enjoying an early-morning hike should definitely be on the checklist.

Be Active With Your Partners or Other Kids

Family bonding while making memories is something you’ll cherish forever; make sure to engage everyone during this preparation stage:

  1. Go explore parks together – picnics are always fun!
  2. Try out new recipes and enjoy meals together
  3. Take lots of pictures and selfies- yes!

Focus On You Too

Remember self-care? Well, here it comes again! Plan solo-dates too where you get to engage in things that rejuvenate your spirit:

  1. Tan at a beach near you.
  2. Visit a good restaurant and try out their specials
  3. Engage in Retail Therapy & treat Yourself like royalty (you deserve it!)
    4.Do something active- join a club!

Final Thoughts…It’s Almost Time !

This list could go on forever if we allow it but remember “an organized mamma-to-be” is a happy one. There are so many things still left to do before welcoming him/her into this wonderful world fast coming up now — Relax!, breathe deeply!, calm those nerves!.

After all these weeks (and months) preparing for his/her arrival, the time has officially come to sit back and enjoy every moment here on out! You’ve Got This Mamma-To-Be!!

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