What to do if your ketones are high?

Are you in search of the perfect body? A meticulously crafted physique that demonstrates discipline, sacrifice and one big ‘fk off’ to those around you who doubted your commitment to health? Then you may have tried taking up a keto diet. It’s not easy maintaining ketosis, but it feels rewarding when done correctly – until something goes wrong. And what can go wrong with such an intricate setup? Well… quite a lot.

One common issue with people on a keto diet is having high levels of ketones in their blood or urine. But don’t worry, as always we’ve got your back! Here are some ways you can take action if this happens to you.

Acknowledge The Problem

Like trying to ignore world hunger or global warming and still expecting it go away by itself (guilty), ignoring elevated ketone levels will only make matters worse. So first things first: acknowledge the problem!

What Exactly Are Ketones?

For those living under rocks (seriously, how do rocks even get Wi-Fi?), let me explain what ketones are all about –

Ketone bodies are water-soluble molecules produced by the liver from fatty acids during periods of low food intake (think fasting) or carbohydrate restriction when glucose is no longer readily available as an energy source for our cells.

In layman’s terms: When your body runs out of carbohydrates aka its favorite petrol fuel; it starts relying on fat reserves which produce these chemicals called ‘ketones’. High levels could mean success – under particular circumstances – but most often than not result in serious issues affecting overall well-being,

Now onto next steps-

Understand Why They Are Elevated

Wracking my brains asking why ketonic lingers would be akin to contemplating how Tim Burton conceived his movies- riddled with mystery & magic─ however since our wellbeing is at stake here, let’s find out common reasons-

Too Little Carbs

While it’s natural for your ketone levels to increase once you’re on a keto diet, drastically reducing or having too little carbs can lead to elevated ketones. It sounds natural; after all, isn’t that the goal of going keto? But remember even the best things in life come with a fine print.

If you are consuming low amounts of carbohydrates (such as fewer than 20 grams per day), then it is highly possible that your body will enter into Nutrition Ketosis.

(Nutrition Ketosis: A process where your body starts using fat stores instead of glucose due to very low carb intake).

The key thing to remember here is if our bodies produce more ketones than regulated because there aren’t enough carbohydrates or excess protein intake relative number could rise and cause numerous issues & unpleasant symptoms i.e., nausea, bloating, vomiting etc,


Now whether hydration – or lack thereof- drives us crazy ─ water makes up for almost half our physical structure – so dehydration could be catastrophic!

When we have high levels of ketone bodies in the blood without sufficient water/carb provision reactions take place causing an imbalance in pH level leading a condition called diabetic ketoacidosis(DKA)─ not ideal,

So make sure regularly drinking fluids throughout the damn day! Everyone around you would share deep gratitude when they don’t encounter co-workers whose only topic point becomes ‘water coolers’

Overindulging In Proteins

In any context overenthusiasm has never been appreciated worldwide─ even proteins.

While many people enjoy following an “unrestricted” protein (meat) diet nowadays however consuming excessive amount results raising gluconeogenesis (a process wherein liver converts glucogenic amino acids into glucose not otherwise received from food sources)

This could increase insulin secretion which ultimately impacts optimal utilization of stored fatty acids metabolism resulting amassing ketones.

Take Action

If you believe you have high levels of ketones in your urine or blood , now that we’ve identified the root cause, let’s dive into actions that can rectify elevated readings─


As previously mentioned, hydration plays a major hand in regulating the balance between our various bodily processes.

Additional fluid intake dilutes ketone concentration aiding smooth transition excreting them without engaging extra filter volume. So carry around a water bottle and stop using thirst as an excuse to breathe in & out louder while intensively watching park squirrels ─ they’re tired of it too!

Eat More Carbs

Record scratch

Yes, I said it! In unique instances for certain individuals consuming additional amounts of carbs could pave way regularizing ketonic level which will ease off more toxic effects on body.

Since “what carby” would be next question popping up ─ preferably goes with lentils, fruits, sweet potatoes etc nothing else matters eat one- sometimes-more portions per day increasing carb limitations atleast 5%-10%

So when grandma offers her tiramisu or neighbour brings gluten free cake just don’t refuse─ bite away realizing bigger agenda transcends simple weight loss goals considering general health aspect is pivotal,

Being Charming Throughout Life (BETWEEN)- Eat Healthily But JUST Don’t Live To See Five Sixty Six!

Lifestyle Changes

High-stress environment/lifestyle alters rate at which hormones are released and negatively impact our overall immune response and organ function. When persistent becomes blocked raising cortisol thereby enhancing physical strain; poor mental status also adds up creating erratic pattern bad dietary habits
Less known fact: mood elevators comparable effect alcohol/drugs but unhealthy eating choices far worse implications.
Thus ensues result such lifestyle attributes hindering regulated diet process producing unwanted results malfunctioning organs etcetera;
Now instead having nearest pharmacy speed dials get yourself checked by healthcare professional get tips and tricks dealing with current options,
Utilize helpful measures like meditating, practicing mindfulness techniques reducing in within means,

Exercise- Curtailed

Respectful claps for this one. YAY!

For most people who find bathing to be a tedious task (yes, it’s 2022 but hygiene is still important!) engaging strenuous exercise plan may sound exhausting however here’s news sashaying its way towards you- regular exercising aids processing ketones through liver without creating toxicity buildup increasing likelihood achieving success keto based regimen.

Walking or yoga sessions could suffice without pushing beyond limits both physically & mentally thereby curating ideal balance during health conscious approach;
So no need torture yourself─ that wouldn’t help anyone!

When To Seek Professional Assistance?

Like when I try cooking anything complex, balancing chemicals at home – same logic applies─ seek support of experienced individuals/professional instead self swab your way into elevated level remedies if condition deteriorates quicker than expected.
Only getting care essential rather than added discomfort prolonging agony thinking handling things on own assists betterment; No shame seeking alternate opinion whether doctor/dietitian collaborating personal treatment

Extra Extra Read All About It!

Before going ahead trying out keto diet plans be sure checking in medical advice regarding concrete issues limitations won’t compromise physical wellbeing!
Most importantly enjoy occasional mental detoxification days from nutritional paraphernalia indulging although avoiding adverse impact effects.

Consider these methods aiding suppressing high ketonic levels helping steady process ketogenic journey uneventfully ensuring desired results not hampered along the path.
Let us know in comments how you manage modifications favorite dish included! (remember: moderation is key.)

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