What to do if you ingest air freshener?

Have you ever found yourself accidentally ingesting air freshener? Perhaps it was due to its appealing smell, or maybe you just mistook the liquid bottle for something else in your pantry. Whatever the case may be, don’t worry – we’ve got your back! In this article, we’ll discuss what steps can be taken if someone has swallowed air freshener.

Stay Calm and Keep Breathing

The first instinct when something is consumed that shouldn’t have been is to panic. However, panicking only worsens the situation. Instead try taking some deep breaths and remain calm. Focus on your breathing technique which will ultimately help regulate your pulse rate and reduce anxiety.

Know Your Air Fresheners

Before discussing how to cope with ingestion of an air fresher – let’s take a look at different types of air fresheners so that we are aware of their ingredients:

  • Aerosols: These contain propellants such as propane & butane that convert liquids into fine sprays causing immediate exacerbation
    of symptoms.
  • Plug-ins: Liquid evaporates from these devices releasing fragrance molecules into the room.
  • Candles: The heat helps release scent by evaporation
  • Gels :Glycerine based products that slowly diffuse aroma without any heating source

It’s important you know which type caused inhalation amd if possible collect any details regarding odor , color or quantity.

Identify Symptoms Early Onset (1 hour)

Many individuals exposed claim they tend to feel better after 24 hours post exposure . It’s best not wait too long before receiving medical attention for symptoms such as :-

  • Irritation of mouth/throat/ nose /eyes
  • Burning sensation in stomach/ throat areas
  • Difficulty breathing/chest congestion
  • Skin rashes/blisters/hives/etc.,

Note down timings since ingestion occurred along with food intake(if any) so that physician can relate the two together.

Water: A Saviour

Having access to water to drink is very important in such cases. It helps wash down the irritants, and might dilute it’s presence till next action has been taken.

Call Poison Control Center or Seek Medical Attention

If you’ve ingested a large amount of air freshener, you should seek medical attention immediately. However if the amount was small -reach out for poison control centre near your area/e or contact your local doctor/hospital.

Remember, Time is precious!

Do Not Induce Vomiting

One common myth going around is that we should induce vomiting after intake of air Fresheners . WHat people do not consider are underlying conditions such as stomach tears , ulceration etc directly affect regurgitation process causing even more stress on body’s systems

Additionally perfumes contain oil based substances some which may be considered hazardous to health when swallowed .

It must also be noted coughing/ wheezing during inducement cause substance ingestion towards lungs only skyrocket symptoms.This could lead further complications since our respiratory system does not appreciate foreign bodies present at all . Remember it’s always better consulting professional help before inducing vomiting.

Consider Charcoal Tablets (in certain cases)

Charcoal tablets basically act like a sponge absorbing toxic chemicals and bypassing them away from liver which help alleviate chances of severe poisoning occurring within 60-90 minutes post intake.
Advice from physicians will have utmost importance so rely heavily on their recommendation

  • Note- Avoid taking charcoal with milk products – Best stored in cool dry place

Try Cough Suppressants

Inhaling excessive fragrance exposure may lead to breathing difficulties especially during night time caused due to blocked nasal passages leading team advise utilizing non-drowsy cough supressents containing ‘dextromethorpan’ which can aid sleep considerably.

## Keep The Room Well-Ventilated

Ensuring doors and windows are open will increase the amount of fresh air flowing in reducing irritants present more efficiently.

## Check Ingredient List

Ensure to look out for any harmful ingredients mentioned below:

  • Perchloroethylene: Found in carpet cleaners, spot removers, upholstery cleaners
  • Butane: In butane lighters, camping stove fuel.
  • Phthalates :These chemicals found in shampoos among various other products help accentuating scent appeal might lead to fertility issues with constant exposure.

Inhaling such materials cause respiratory troubles along with other obvious warning signs.

## Talk To The Store Owner

Always reach out store you obtained the product from if possible and report this instance so they can take have it documented or even evaluate their safety measures in place.

Prevention is Key!

One must always remember the prevention techniques required while dealing with such a volatile substance:
Ensure storing articles(especially beverages) aside from air fresheners
Keeping them away from children’s reach
Stocking cabinets which require locking mechanisms atleast heightwise.
Avoid huffing these substances – Yes we agree this was no brainer .

Hope above tips were helpful insert cheesy winking emoji. Remember folks being cautious goes a long way !