What to do if you have shortness of breath?

Are you feeling like a fish out of the water? Do you feel like suffocating in your own air-consumption sardine can? If yes, then my friend, welcome to the world of shortness of breath. It is not just annoying but can also be scary. In this article, we will discuss what shortness of breath actually is and what actions you can take if it happens.

Shortness of Breath: The Overview

Shortness of breath or dyspnea occurs when breathing becomes difficult or uncomfortable than usual. This sensation may occur due to different reasons such as physical exertion, anxiety attacks,that one extra slice that made your belly burst, and many more. It’s important to meet with a doctor who may advise on its causes and next steps.


  • Rapid breathing
  • Difficulty in taking deep breaths
  • Anxiety
  • Cyanosis (bluish discoloration) around mouth/ fingertips indicates lack of oxygen
  • Sweating and chest pain are some symptoms that require immediate medical attention.

If these signs persist beyond 24 hours or accompanied by other symptoms so please consult with your health officer immediately.


Shortness inbreath could be related to several underlying conditions – both minor and severe:

Minor Causes

1) Obesity – Extra pounds put strain on heart-lung function.
2) Sedentary lifestyle – go for a walk already!
3 ) Stress & Anxiety – changes how the body behaves physiologically leading change pulmonary activity.
4 ) Acid reflux – AS per popular insight among physicians GERD leads lungs irritation better known as aspiration pneumonia.

Major Causes

These include major disorders such as asthma COPD/Pulmonary Fibrosis Pulmonary artery hypertension Interstitial lung disease Cardiac arrests Arrhythmia…..(gulp i know quite daunting)

Important Note: If you have any medical history or currently on medication , don’t wait-get the attention of your Physician.

What To Do When Shortness Of Breath Happens

Shortness in breath could be a symptom of a severe health issue. If it persists, do not try to ignoreit.. Below are some tips that can help you ease things out:

1) Grab Some Air – Increase Ventilation

The thing about shortness in breathing Is that our brain becomes fixated when we experience these moments leading low oxygen intake. The important strategy is to stand up straight and take deep breathing exercises,inhale deep as possible through the nose and exhale slowly from Mouth.Stanxd for awhile, hit the fresh outdoor air or open windows around your space.

2) Posture Check: Are You Sitting Up Straight?

Haven’t properly felt that burning sensation already?There’s little time than now! Slouching puts pressure on lungs, heart,liver,tummy-flab basically everything! As ridiculous as they may sound maintain an upright position at all times(rather than lying down for long periods). Make sure posture is correct while sleeping ,sitting just generally staying active throughout day(via workouts).

3) Relaxation Exercises To Calm Nerves

As we’ve previously mentioned stress & Anxiety plays into Shortness of breath with relaxation techniques being effective tool counteracting this.Get comfortable surroundings free from distractions Laying down comfortably,body parts loose.This also helps alleviate tension along with feelings of calm during whenever experiencing shortness inbreath.Breathe slowly inhale-exhale. This practice will keep body relaxed prevent unexpected flare ups later on.

4 ) Treat Underlying Cause

No brainer but ensuring accurate treatment targeting specific cause.

Here are few examples:

  • Bronchodilators (inhalers), expectorants(decongestants) for asthma related issues
  • Blood thinners, antihypertensives for cardiac arrests
  • Oxygen therapy given pulmonary arterial hypertension.

5) Take a Minute with Medication(s)

There’s always medicine available to aid recovery from major underlying illnesses once diagnosed by Physician.Of course this can be dangerous but it does serve true in short term episodes aspirin/ibuprofen(relaxant), inhaler(puffers), and bronchidialators(open airways).

When Shortness Of Breath Needs Immediate Medical Attention

It is imperative if you or anyone known to you experiences any of the following symptoms along with shortness inbreath:

1 ) Chest Pain

Chest pain pressure/discomfort associated coming up all of a sudden could signify heart condition that needs attention immediately.At the hospital feel free asking for ECG examination.

2 ) Sweating Profusely Along With Cold Chills

Combined excessive sweating & shivers indicates circulation problems thus medical emergency treatment must be sought out as soon possible.

3 ) Disorientation/Lethargy/Dizziness/Vomiting

These Symptoms are side effects indicating lack of oxygenBrain becomes foggy resulting confusion..Make sure Call ambulance right away! Quickly!!!

4 ) Weezy Breathing And Inability To Catch One’s Breath

Notice wheezing deep breaths when taking breatheSignifies Something wrong going on beneath surface, along with other abnormalities (throat,)consult ; please seek medical consultation now

If any one of these indicators persists it may lead much bigger issue later. As previously mentioned , get immediate help before chronic conditions form – diagnosis early ensures little time necessary treating afflictions than if further worsened.

Is Shortness Of Breath Always Serious?

Yes.And No.Of course there are minor causes treated through change in lifestyle choices(listed above).But then again something potentially serious could develop without warning(above examples listed). Best caution is to consult with a doctor… Which is an humble thing I’m sure you’ve omitted up until now 😉

Recognizing Differences Between Short Term Symptom Versus Chronic Conditions

It needs be emphasized again, persistent shortness inbreath requires medical assistance. Simple stress episodes or consumption of large meals may lead these occasional occurrences. Accompanied fatigue, wheezing improper breathing mechanisms are signs that merit further scrutiny by qualified healthcare provider.

Conclusion: Breath Well, Live Better!

So this wraps Up the article about how to deal with scenarios when afflicted Shortness InBreath .Symptoms will vary from individual-to-individual.It’s important however taking measures discussed above at onset.If confirmed as underlying conditions get prompt treatment through certified health professional.Arrive early ensures effective care sooner.Whatever takes place one wanting live healthy life little preparation go long way.Simply take deep breaths exhale slowly,and focus calm vibes..Just well-being excerices every day can only benefit oneself.Promised 😀

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