What to do if you have hair loss?

Is your hairline slowly but surely creeping back? Or are you brushing an alarming amount of strands off your sweater every day?

Hair loss is no joke, especially for those who value a full head of luscious locks. But don’t fret! There ARE things that can be done to slow or even reverse the trend.

Here’s what you need to know about hair loss and how to deal with it!

Understanding Hair Loss

Before we dive into solutions, let’s first understand why this hairy issue is happening in the first place.

  • Androgenic alopecia

    • This is one of the most common types of hair loss, affecting up to 70% of men and over half of women by age 50.
    • It occurs when dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone derived from testosterone and produced in the scalp, causes miniaturization (shrinking) of the hair follicles.
  • Telogen effluvium

    • This condition involves excessive shedding during its resting phase (“telogen”) due to stressors such as childbirth, infection/illness, surgery or dietary deficiencies.

And there are many more reasons; heck everything seems like a trigger pointing towards losing precious hairs on our heads.(You’ll find recommended treatments later!)

Treating Hair Loss

Now that you have an understanding about some possible causes behind your locks’ disappearance act from atop your head… Here are few tips ‘n tricks:

Over-the-counter medication

One option would be Men’s Rogaine Foam which contains minoxidil, proved effective both at reversing shedding and minimizing future fallouts as well

Prescription medication

There’s Finasteride available being sold under brand names Propecia®️(men-only medication) which blocks DHT reduction in activity; making Follicle return back to bigger and better normal sizes (seems tempting). But this option may have side effects that need to be considered.

Hair transplant

You can also go for a more hands-on solution: hair transplantation. This involves taking individual hair follicles from the healthy parts of your scalp and relocating them to balding areas with precision, however it requires surgery and typically multiple sessions depending on how much of a difference you’d like to make density-wise.

Laser therapy

Another method could involve red-light laser treatments you use at home through FDA-approved devices have seen are known help boost blood flow and rescue weak follicles.

Making lifestyle changes

Maintaining good health habits is always valuable, affecting nearly everything including the looks of our hairs; these positive personal improvements couldn’t hurt fighting against such loss:

  • Reduce alcohol intake & smoking usage – no cancer please!
  • Eat protein-rich sources recommended daily value which helps promote growth with necessary amino acids.
  • Participate in regular exercise — it increases blood flow which carries nutrients around our bodies more easily! And guess what else? Increased circulation means extra energy reaching those sleepy roots located inside your head…
  • Improve sleep quality – trying meditation or relaxation techniques before bed will likely enhance both resting quality, along with benefiting skin tone too (bonus)!

And hey why not give yourself one less notification throughout the day by napping10–30 mins consistently as well?

Styling Solutions

The older saying “hair does not define us” still rings true but obviously it tends build up self-esteem/shape overall image…
Here are three ways you can maintain your mop’s appearance without drawing attention towards receiding or thinning ‘crown jewels’.

1) Barber Shop Tricks:
Try getting shorter buzz cuts or fades building taut transition between unaffected portion atop…to decreasing lengths near forming that empty space beloved by hair thieves!

2) Change hair product:
I know, it stinks…yet worth try: switch over to volumizing type of shampoo or even using blow-drying techniques with some heat protection serum for thicker looking locks.

3) Wigs/Hairpieces:
Absolutely nothing wrong (and so much right!) about going incognito once in awhile. Based on budget, there are a variety of options ranging from low-budget synthetic wigs/clip-on accessories…to full-blown custom-made toupees that weren’t nearly as noticeable back in day!(Feathered “Flock” hairstyle, anyone?).


Don’t settle for sparser strands!
There are many ways you could ramp up towards combating Hair Loss whether it be dealing with possible ailment causing alopecia or simply making lifestyle changes all while finding style solutions that work well and esteem-boosting at same time.
The key is not to lose hope; Keep trying different treatments till one sticks or/while adjust your regime(s) designed to support keeping hairs healthy ‘n strong!
Remember: bald eagles may fly higher than most folks…
Yet having more real estate on head suited for growing superpower feathers…is better left alone needing hid.

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