What to do if you have a fractured finger?

Fractured fingers can happen to anyone regardless of how careful they are. It is easy to underestimate the inconvenience and discomfort that comes with having a broken finger. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This article will guide you through what steps to take after fracturing your finger.

Signs that your finger might be fractured

Before delving into how one can properly handle their broken digit, it is important for us to understand some signs of a fractured finger. Here are some physical indications:

  • Pain when moving or using the affected hand
  • Swelling around the damaged area
  • Stiffness in the joint leading up from the injury
  • Deformity in shape of affected area (i.e., 5th metacarpal appearing bent rather than straight)
  • Bruising

If any of these symptoms sound familiar and relate back to an injury caused by impact or force, then see a doctor immediately as self-diagnosing could lead to further permanent damage.

Why bother seeking medical attention?

Now before all my daredevil readers start claiming we’re trying too hard here since it’s just a ‘finger’ – hear me out! Fractured bones need proper treatment and diagnosing fructure accurately allows for better healing procedures implemented as well as preventative measures taken afterwards.. Doctors can put supports in place such as plaster casts supporting tendons/muscles which encourage healthy regrowth/healing instead letting sore spots linger!

We recommend checking with our most trusted friend, Mr Doctor about getting medical attention even for minor breakages – prevention being better than cure right?

And now without further ado let us dive into our list on what you should do after breaking your fingers!

Take care of injuries at home 🕊

There are varying degrees of bone fractures, so one must be able differentiate between options like “watching and waiting”, “splints” or…. some superglue! (not really, don’t glue your fingers together…) The best plan of action for fractures not too complicated would be to handle the injury from home. Here are a few rule-of-thumb steps:

  1. Take care of swelling: Apply ice-pack covered in towel with light pressure on affected area. This should reduce pain, redness & overall inflammation.
  2. Rest hand/finger joint: This is where netflix & chick flicks come into play…take walks, catch up on some good reading..Whatever it takes baby!
  3. Elevate the injured area ABOVE heart level
  4. Cover wound and prevent shock – remember to speak soothing words? They apply here too 😜

Assess severity 🔚

We’ve now seen how ‘home remedies’ can help alleviate symptoms but let’s admit that it may not always work out as planned.Since there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when diagnosing bones … so self diagnosis isn’t call to charge off all precautions windows at once!

Butttt.. It could definitely help assess whether fractured bone needs immediate medical treatment even potentially avoiding further damage in future.

Here are sure-fire signs pointing towards a more severe Breaker Mc-Break-Face that needs professional attention :

  • Injury is causing numbness or tingling sensations under impact
  • Perhaps swelling hasn’t gone down after two day’s application of home remedy
  • Shape changes around site of injury shows an indication in fracture displacement / displaced tendons/muscles

In case you are going through any or all ??of aforementioned symptoms then high tail wag yourself over to the doctor’s office STAT! And I mean running folks – these things cannot wait!

Pain relief 101 🤕

Now just because we have phrased this heading like an introduction module does not indicate my lack of understanding for pain that comes with broken bones. (I yelped like a puppy when I sprained my ankle once, we’re from the same cloth) So putting all funnies aside – In case of major fractures , your doctor will be able to prescribe an injection in order to provide you some temporary relief.

For less complicated fractures, medication is available over the counter such as paracetamol’s generic equivalent treatment known as acetaminophen by our American cousins taking care of tenderness/pain along injury site.

Make backup options available like taping two fingers together so they are immobilized! And if things still ain’t peachy keen then head on down to aforementioned specialist – he’s got some great stuff waiting!

Physical Therapy plans 🏋️‍♀️

While plaster casts and wrist supports do help ensure better healing practices it goes without saying there aren’t’ one size fits all solutions here either !

When a fracture occurs at joint/bone tips causing related issues, rest/rehabilitation may not cut it required especially since adapting movement habits could become necessary part of recovery process ensuring no further injury takes place.

Physical therapy aims towards providing patients exercises designed specifically tailored according varying degrees severity across affected areas- helping them recover quicker than expected leading happier lives ever after sparkles

Wrapping up

Finally, let us reiterate how every fractured bone requires its own specific diagnosis approach The best call-to-plan action here would be to visit Doctor Who clinic pinpointing exact procedure requirement tailored depending upon diagnostic results accompanied guidance keeping in mind duration weight bearing standards relating type healing desired Or something along those lines…

Adequate diagnosis and treating remains critical have fun, take care & good luck breaking only rules we kindly recommend :). Who knows? You might just end up with some really freakishly long knuckles this way 👀