What to do if you get anxiety attacks?

Anxiety attacks can be overwhelming, terrifying, and leave you feeling like a cactus in a desert storm. But fear not my friend, for there are ways to help yourself when the panic sets in. Here are some tips to stop anxiety from taking over your life.

Understand what an anxiety attack is

Before we dive into how to handle these little surprise pop-ups, let me explain exactly what they are: anxiety attacks happen when your body has a strong physical reaction to perceived danger or stress. Your heart rate will skyrocket and you might feel short of breath or tingling sensations all over your body.

So now that we know what it is…let’s talk about how we can make them stop (this feels important, right?).

Don’t fight against it

If an anxiety attack hits hard at the most inconvenient moment (like while giving a speech on potatoes), don’t try to push through it. You won’t win that battle – instead go backstage and take control back by doing stuff like:

  • Taking deep breaths
  • Using positive self-talk
  • Counting backward from 1000
  • I mean really think “potatoes”
  • Focus on making those thoughts more present than whatever caused the initial panic 1

Throw any thought of being invincible out the window because honey trust me nobody likes seeing someone pass out mid-presentation – makes us all look bad!

Try Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) helps individuals with mental health problems manage future situations that could cause anxiety: By identifying negative patterns of behavior and replacing them with healthy ones firmly rooted in positivity humans learn how treat themselves well…a big step up from treating ourselves poorly! Anyone going through this kind of stress should contact their medical professional immediately 2.

Use aromatherapy

It turns out many people find solace in scents around them – to the extent that specific essential oils have calmed overly-tense minds for centuries! Though science is yet to conclusively back up this claim, some say rose or lavender can calm an upset soul.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol

False friends(1) like coffee and sugar shocks from energy drinks may seem like a good solution when you’re tired or stressed out. However, taking these substances may trigger anxiety attacks even more easily than they did originally (been there, done that). Here’s why:

Caffeine causes sudden spikes in adrenaline levels which make you feel edgy af; furthermore, alcohol might temporarily alleviate anxiety by suppressing symptoms but harms your system one way or another long-term 3.

Create affirmations

Although it sounds corny as hell we swear making affirmations helps calm down during periods of uncertainty. Write them on sticky notes if need be, focus on anything positive about yourself or your day-to-day – no rhyme/reason necessary!

Turn off Social Media and stop overthinking

We all know our inclination: looking at someone else’s life online seems so perfect while ours looks messy AF…but hold before entering deep depression let’s get rational:

Firstly remember social media doesn’t show real-life, we only see what others want us to see
Secondly don’t worry too much about stuff you cannot control – easier said than done I know- Try clearing your head and take a step away from social media[ ^4].

Anxiety attacks are difficult moments anyone could experience; treat yourself well with patience & care–it’ll be worth it each time. Trying different methods (aromatherapy/thought blocking/affirmations) until figuring out something helpful is important when learning how best manage those pesky panic-filled moments(make sure to check with doctors!). Remember- nothing works for every person all the time but staying on your own self-regulated path towards peace&safety ensures its possible!


Laugh, it may sound trivial (But seriously who doesn’t enjoy laughing?) however humor is key to keep spirits up during tough times; learning how to laugh at our struggles contributes not only a boost of positivity but also minimizes negativity. Luckily for you, I’m quite hilarious so giggles are just around this final paragraph y’all!

Cheerio Ladies and Gents

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