What to do if you burn your skin with nair?

If you’re a fan of hair removal products, chances are you’ve used Nair before. This cream promises silky smooth skin in just minutes without the pain of waxing or shaving. However, ever wonder what happens if things go wrong? Don’t panic! Here’s everything you need to know and what (not) to do if you burn your skin with Nair.

Know the symptoms

First things first, it’s important to recognize the signs that indicate something is up after using nair:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Itching
  • Burning sensation

If you start experiencing any of these symptoms when using hair removal creams like Nair, then this article is for you!

Act fast!

Burns require immediate attention as leaving them unattended can increase their severity level.

The moment you feel a slight burning sensation, quickly wipe off the product from your skin surface by rinsing it generously with cold water (seriously!), removing all traces.

Do not attempt peeling off any remaining residue as this can worsen the condition leading to more severe complications including scarring.

After cleaning your skin area thoroughly devoid/freed from all product residues, follow our tips mentioned below.

How To Treat Burns With Natural Home Remedies?

Okay – so we’ve said don’t remove product residue but now let’s look at some natural remedies that might help ease those nasty burn-symptoms- minus household supplies around/nearby :

Cucumber Juice:

Slice a fresh cucumber and blend until pureed. Apply directly over burnt areas evenly thrice-a-day for best results.

Dry Potato Slices:

Cut thin slices of potato and place onto affected areas carefully /gently rubbing them onto impacted region.

Aloe Vera:

Using scissors snip-open an aloe vera leaf,lengthwise, scrape-up the clear gel and layer it over your burn. Allow to dry completely and reapply 2-3 times a day.

Cold Compress:

Wrap some ice cubes in soft cloth ,or use a cold water soaked towel and apply on burnt areas for around ten-fifteen minutes intermittently throughout the day.

make sure/remember not to apply these directly onto bare/broken skin as that may only cause more discomfort/pain.

common mistakes:

Applying Oils/Lotions on Burnt Skin

Oils or lotions have side effects when applied on burns. Since we don’t want them forming one of our problems let’s stay away from rubbing essential oils/certain creams like coconut/mint/baby oil instead embracing the natural remedies listed above – this way you’re guaranteed relief without further damage

Putting Pressure On The Burned Skin Region

It’s common sense, but sometimes people do underestimate how much pain putting pressure can bring – especially during cleaning burns. While trying to clean out burned areas, remember gentle wipes would suffice (not excess pressure/stress) so hair removal cream residue does not spread/acquire too many parts that should be free.
Also try avoiding clothing fabric or other material coming into contact with affected region/skin surface at first attempt of easing off irritation!

Please DO NOT prick blisters; popping will increase risk of contracting infections!

In severe situations where home remedies are failing in providing an immediate cure for burning symptoms; seeking medical attention might become imperative.
Even if professional help isn’t totally necessary after suffering the impact mentioned earlier please carefully monitor situation closely.even days post incident.

Reminder: Carefully follow application guides when using anyone’s recommended product (including Nair).


While Nair is generally safe to use, accidents happen. If you find yourself experiencing any symptoms listed above following usage of the product, it’s important to act fast and not panic. Cleanse burned areas immediately using cold water and then try out the home remedies mentioned previously. In severe cases, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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