What to do if stitches break open?

You thought you were on the road to recovery, but then your stitches decided to make a run for it. Whether it’s due to botched surgery or your own carelessness (we won’t judge), having your stitches open up can be a real pain in the wound.

But worry not, dear reader – we’ve got you covered. So sit back, relax (if sitting back and relaxing doesn’t exacerbate the wound), and let us guide you through what to do if stitches break open.

Assessing the Damage

The first thing you need to do after discovering an open wound is assess how bad it really is. Is blood gushing out like a broken water main? Are there any signs of infection or inflammation? Or is it just a tiny, inconsequential gap that’ll heal itself with some TLC?

It’s important that you’re honest with yourself here, because improperly treating wounds can lead to serious health issues down the line (pro tip: never diagnose yourself after too many glasses of wine). Here are some helpful tips:

Check for Blood

Blood is obviously not ideal when trying to keep a gaping hole closed – unless we’re talking about vampires maybe? But hey – this article isn’t titled “What To Do If Vampires Break Your Stitches”! Back on track: monitor how much bleeding there is and see if applying pressure helps.


Check around where stitching used had been performed at. Does anything seem abnormal? Something might look inflamed/swollen which could mean an infection has set in!

Infection Signs

Some early warning sign(s) include fever/chills/cold sweats/red lines shooting out from incision point/increased drainage/color change/smell etc… With regards treatment/checks please contact medical assistance fast!

Emergency Treatment

Did your stitches open up in the middle of nowhere, like on a deserted island with nothing but coconuts and sand? Well that might be an adventure for another article! But in this case , you should know how to handle the wound until it is possible to get medical help.

Cleaning Up

Clean out whatever debris/blood/things are not meant to be there with sterile water. A non-alcoholic solution can also work here.

Covering It

Dry gauze pads will be perfect for covering closed wounds. However, since your wound is not too friendly at the moment we suggest a moist dressing (obviously sterile) which promotes faster healing – less scarring too!

Pain Management: How To Manage The Ouchies

Pain management will inevitably come into play when dealing with open wounds (who said beauty was painless). Since this is about managing wound pain, so we advise you not rely on tequila shots or vodka tonics but rather some more medicinally approved alternatives if needed:

  • Tylenol: Great way of reducing fever/pain.
  • Hydrocodone: Stronger than Tylenol…in fact very strong . Often referred to as Hycodan/Lorcet/Vicodin etc…
  • Codeine:A narcotic-like similar drug
  • Oxycodone: Trade names include Endocetric/Percocet/Oxycontin etc..

Prevention Is Key

The phrase “prevention is better than cure” wasn’t coined because it sounded slick – it’s just plain common sense wisdom. In order not cause oneself unnecessary physical discomfort due to stitch reopening one must:

Keep Clean! Condition Check Wound Regularly!

Maintaining hygiene standards rank high when trying to prevent/treat infections resulting from reopened incision sites.

Take Care Of Yourself Physically Post Op

Make sure that you keep a close eye on your physical activity levels immediately after surgery, treating yourself like fragile glass almost.

Follow Directions Given By Medical Practitioners

Listen to the advice being given by the medical experts assiting with your recovery. And avoid falling into WebMD rabbit holes (alert).

Tips and Tricks

Now we get down to the fun part of things – what are some easy tips and tricks for dealing with reopened wounds?

Clothing | Loose Is Great!

Make sure any clothes worn don’t apply pressure or rub against errant sutures.

Don’t over clean!

As important as it is to maintain hygiene , dealing with open wounds requires careful handling, so don’t go at it like a doctor performing excessive cleaning methods daily unless expressly directed by aforementioned professionals.

### Eat Healthily ! Protein Please !

To aid in faster/favourable healing eat food packs protein such as beans,eggs,dairy,some meat etc . Also be mindful of certain minerals/vitamins can assist too, vitamin C for instance.

Let Nature be Your Guide…sometimes.

Studies have shown that leaving incisions unbandaged (of course dependent upon plausibility) helps affliction minimize faster. It’s said however keeping them covered typically leads better results due to lower rates chance of infection though scenarios required.

Whatever path you end up taking, whether it’s calling your surgeon back in or simply applying a Band-Aid like our mothers did when we were kids…we hope this article has helped bring clarity when wondering about ‘What To Do If Stitches Break Open’ situation arises.

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