What to do if one testicle hurts?

  • At-Home Treatments. Many causes of testicle pain can be treated or partially treated with at-home therapies. Rest: Don’t lift heavy objects or do strenuous exercise.
  • Medications. Besides anti-inflammatory medications, antibiotics are used to treat infectious-related causes of testicle pain, such as epididymitis or Fournier’s gangrene.
  • Surgery. With certain causes of testicle pain, surgery is required. For example, Fournier’s gangrene requires emergent surgical removal of the infected and dying tissue, as well as sometimes reconstructive surgery.
  • Nerve Block and Cord Dennervation. A nerve block may be used for chronic orchialgia when at-home treatments don’t work.

What could cause dull pain in testicles? The prostatitis can cause the dull pain of the testicle, the pain is mainly caused by the obstruction of blood and Qi. So the treatment should start from promoting the circulation of blood and Qi, and killing the bacteria.

What causes pain in left side of testicle? Trauma: A direct trauma or injury to the testicle is one of the most common causes of Left Testicle Pain. This trauma or injury can be either from an altercation or being hit by an object in the scrotal area. This causes inflammation and pain the testicular region.

Why does testicle pain come and go? Your testicle pain may come and go, or it may last for a long time. The cause of your pain may be unknown. Testicle pain can be caused by infection, trauma, hernia, kidney stones, or sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

What causes tender testicles? Other causes of tenderness in the testicles after exercising include varicocele, which is an enlarged vein in the testicle or spermatocele, fluid buildup in the testicle.