What to do if milk of magnesia doesn t work?

Are you tired of reaching for that trusty bottle of milk of magnesia, only to find it failing in your time of need? Fear not, my friend. Many have found themselves in the same predicament and there are plenty of options available beyond this chalky elixir.

In this article, we’ll explore some creative solutions to digestive woes that simply won’t quit. So kick back, grab a glass (or four) of water, and let’s get started!

Understanding Your Options

Before we dive into specific solutions, let’s get a general understanding on why milk of magnesia might not be working effectively:

  • Overuse
  • Medication Interference
  • Dosage Errors
  • medical Conditions
  • Probiotics Interference

Each factor can individually or jointly affect the effectiveness of our dear old MoM.

Overusing Milk Of Magnesia – A Cautionary Tale

MoM is quite an overachiever when it comes to treating constipation but with great power comes great responsibility –as they say– and improper usage brings risks that outweighs its benefits such as feeling sick or worse, discombobulated insides (think cramps / diarrhea) even negatively impacting nutrient balance.

Yes, laxatives help move things along so rather yin shouldn’t equal yang if more relief is needed by taking increased amounts without consulting physician first.

Medicines Activated By Calcium And Magnesium Placed In Milk Of Magnesia

Some medications don’t work well while calcium or magnesium rich substances are being involved simultaneous—Our beloved MoM contains both-
Medications including Amiloride (Midamor), Digoxin/Lanoxin(Generic Only), Dofetilide(Tikosyn), Ketoprofen(Orudis; Oruvail) and Tetracycline(Achromycin).

Either too Much or Too Little Dosage But Ultimately Bad Times

Dosage is clearly the common denominator: take too low -effect near absent- , too high – Hello hospital visiting hours-.

Before tinkering with MoM dose first-time user should consult their physician to weigh in and get advised on quantity to squeeze out of that bottle.

Aside from dosage impacted by Overuse there’s also age, weight, medical history among factors for optimal experience. Medical history includes kidney failure / disease/ bowel obstructed syndrome —so definitely don’t miss a proper consultation with your physician.

Medical Conditions Fingerprints All Over The Case

Some factors related to digestion shy away solely when treated properly resulting in a relieved life (hey living constipation-free is pretty badass IMO): irritable bowel syndrome(IBS), enteritis(inflammation of small intestine lining), diverticulosis(severe inflamed pockets developing within colon). Neglecting these conditions worsen symptoms therefore seeking professional help as soon as possible not only fits the saying ‘prevention over cure’ but could save expenses long term!

Even Probiotics Don’t Play Nice Sometimes

Probiotics are great intestines bacteria promoters improving overall wellbeing but partnered lactobacillus acidophilus bringing its A-game maximises MoMs effectiveness which taking at two hour intervals prior or after milk of magnesia consumption greatly benefits individuals experiencing insufficient relief despite adequate dosage intake.

Alternative Solutions

Now that we have an understanding of why our go-to remedy might be failing us, let’s explore some alternative solutions:

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar – Some swear by a tablespoon or more diluted within water between meals for digestive complications including bloating.
  2. Aloe Vera Juice – Historically used among ancient societies for treating ulcers and detoxifying intestines.
  3. Magnesium Citrate – Unlike MoM, Magnesium citrate has a faster gastrointestinal reaction with relief felt in less than an hour; however, its doesn’t have the capacity to delicately deal with prolonged treatment as it can harm natural digestive bodily flows :).
  4. Fiber Rich Diet – There’s no secret that enough fiber through diverse sources promotes better bowel activity resulting in avoiding excessive strain down under thus decreasing the possibility of impairment.


So there you have it folks! While milk of magnesia may be our trusted friend in times of need, sometimes we must look elsewhere for proper digestion assistance. From alternative solutions like apple cider vinegar and aloe vera juice to incorporating more fiber into our diet or consulting a medical professional, there are plenty of options available beyond relying solely on MoM.

Remember: before tinkering with dosage or trying out any new products make sure to consult your physician first.I believe together great gut health is achievable !! Cheers!!