What to do for strep throat in adults?

Ah, strep throat. The one thing that can single-handedly ruin your week and make you contemplate cutting out your own tonsils with a spoon just to put yourself out of misery.

But fear not my fellow adults , for I have compiled a comprehensive guide on what to do when you inevitably catch this miserable ailment. So grab some tea, gargle some salt water, and let’s get into it!

Symptoms: How to know if you have strep throat

Before we dive into the remedies, let’s first understand how to detect if you’re suffering from the dreaded Streptococcus bacteria.

  • Fever: Your body will be like an over-heated oven.
  • Sore throat: Not your average tickle but feels as though dozens of knives are stuck in it.
  • Difficulty swallowing: Even drinking liquids would seem like torture
  • Swollen glands : You’ll look & sound like Kermit after a heavy night partying!
  • White Spots or Pus: If you open up and say “ahh”, then there could be white spots present at the back of your throat

These symptoms usually show up within five days and might go away even without antibiotics so calm down if they disappear .If not seek medical attention immediately.

Home Remedies – Natural ways to cure sore throats

We start with these natural home remedies before rushing towards pharmaceuticals.The right combination can help immensely:

Gargling Salt Water

It may not taste good but adding half teaspoon salt per glass will certainly give temporary relief by reducing swelling & pain in tonsils .

Essential Oils

Add ginger oil,Eucalyptus oil,Thyme essential oil,Ravensara essential oil etc ( any other oils known for decongestion ) mix with warm water for gargling .It may not be soothing initially but serves as a very effective treatment .

Candies & Lozenges

The liquid from lozenges can coat your throat making you feel better. Plus, if they are tasty treats, this is an added bonus.

Medications to cure strep throat:

If natural ways do not work , then unfortunately it’s time to turn towards mainstream medicine!


Antibiotics such as Penicillin and Amoxicillin which does the job of killing the bacteria causing the infection .


Take one tablet as per dosage instructions found on boxes or prescriptions, helps reduce fever and pain of inflamed Air passage.

Warning Aspirin should never be given to Children/Teens because it leads to Reyes syndrome ( A serious pediatric condition ).

## Recovery Period

After starting antibiotic medication,it usually takes five days before your symptoms start improving completely(with exception) .However,this period varies with individuals.Don’t stop taking antibiotics because headache disappears two days after.You must take these medication for five complete days even when all symptoms disappear otherwise there could be a chance that bacterial cells survived rendering antibiotic ineffective in future against them.

When To Visit Doctor Of Medicine

Some conditions demand medical supervision :

  • If swallowing water becomes harder
  • If pus develop at tonsils
  • Your fever gets worse
  • You experience excessive drooling or voice changes( especially in kids)

Don’t ignore warning bells regarding severe Corona virus related Respiratory illnesses contact emergency services immediately !

Wrapping Up

Strep Throat is no bed of roses but neither is printing money.We hope that our amusing guide helped you learn about its basic causes,symptoms along with its prevention.Remember :keep up great Hygiene Practices,wash hands regularly,take care of yourself and boost immunity with optimal nutrients by following a healthy diet .
Finally ,you’re prepared enough to face this sour throat with confidence and cure it like an experienced survivor .Hope you get well soon !

P.S By the way , our team do not take any responsibility of accuracy but we took great precaution for providing Correct information!