What to do for patellar tendon pain?

Are you tired of constantly nursing your patellar tendon pain? Have no fear, this guide is here! We’ll give you the inside scoop on what really works and what’s just plain ludicrous. Sayonara, pain!

Breaking Down the Basics: What’s Happening with Your Patellar Tendon?

Before we dive into how to alleviate it, let’s get a better understanding of patellar tendon pain. The patellar tendon is basically that sturdy cord that connects your kneecap (patella) to your shinbone (tibia). So when it becomes painful, it can really put a damper on things – like going up stairs or doing basic activities.

Some common causes include overuse from excessive jumping or running (who needs cardio anyway?), age-related wear and tear (ahh yes, another perk of aging…where do I sign up?) or injury due to bad luck.

Rule Out Other Culprits

Sometimes other conditions may masquerade as patellar pain leading us down unnecessary rabbit holes. If you’re experiencing acute knee swelling along with redness (feeling pretty in pink!)then talk  to your medical doctor about possible infections which require antibiotics.

Or maybe arthritis creeping up in those creaky old bones is actually causing joint inflammation- also speak with a healthcare professional before attempting any home remedies just yet.

When You Finally Acknowledge It Is Patellofemoral Syndrome…

So now that we’ve ruled out some imposters…what should you try at home for true blue patellar tendon symptoms?

First off – Try Resting Those Legs!
Putting weight onto an already irritated area often leads only makes things worse! Chill out and enjoy putting sports bras on after long day work -or-have someone else bring you beer while watching shows all day?!

Secondly- Ice it Up, Wind Breaker!
Cold compresses in 20-minute intervals are known to reduce inflammation and help alleviate soreness right where it hurts! Turn up that air conditioning unit, coz things are gonna get chilly.

Thirdly – Crutches & Braces Can Be Your New Best Friends
Your local medical brace shop stocks crutches and cool-looking braces to support your leg as you navigate this healing period. Not only do they add some style into your outfit, but the stability they provide for your kneecap can really speed up the recovery process.

Fourthly- Time For Some Muscle Power Training
Strengthening those crucial quadriceps muscles (the good ol’ quads…they always got our back) with supported exercises like wall sits or squats led by experienced physiotherapist( though not mandatory) will make sure you have a strong support system for your precious patella.

Must-Try Products

Let’s face it: sometimes we need something more than just rest of few weeks or stretching routine. Here are some products worth giving a try:

Product Description Price
Patellar Tendon Strap A simple strap worn around the knee to offer pressure placement on patellar tendon when walking/cycling/running. Provides targeted protection during physical activity. $10-$20
Knee Pads/Shields Padding along both sides of the knee offering extra cushioning for greater mobility while experiencing less tension-pain from movement (hint- perfect after workouts) $15-$50

What To Avoid?

As much as you might be itching for any relief out there, beware of what may seem too good to be true tricks:
Certain massage therapies that claim benefits without substantial clinical evidence (sorry folks),
Don’t use heat therapy near an injury area -or Keep trying different “magical” supplements!,
Going overboard with inappropriate dancing can spike up the pain for first few months.

Wrap Up

While patellar tendon pain may seem like a hopeless and often extremely painful situation, it doesn’t have to be. By taking good care of your body, avoiding certain routines, selecting products non-invasively — and of course making sure you’re not ignoring other underlying medical conditions- you’ll keep yourself (and your precious patella) safe from any unnecessary stress or strains! Finally, Keep moving with moderate intensity physicalactivity – incorporating exercises that help protect against future injuries.
Happy healing everyone! Love those knees again!

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