What to do for an inflamed appendix?

So, you’re experiencing some lower-right quadrant pain and your mind keeps screaming “appendicitis! appendicitis!” Fear not, young one. We’ve got you covered with our ultimate guide on what to do when faced with the monster that is an inflamed appendix.

Appendix: The pesky little bugger

Before we dive into the remedies, let’s talk about what exactly it is that’s causing all this mayhem. The appendix – a tiny little sac hanging off of your large intestine – serves no apparent purpose unless you count being able to inconvenience someone greatly as a “purpose.”

There are tons (pun intended) of theories about why humans even have these imps inside them but nobody really knows for sure. Some people believe they aid in digestion while others simply think they’re leftovers from when humans previously belonged under the sea (yes, Seth MacFarlane was right).

Symptoms of appendicitis

Moving on from conspiracy theories; if you see any warning signs like extreme tenderness or swelling around the belly button (even more so if it spreads down towards where ya pee), vomiting profusely without reason and general crampy feelings popping up randomly over time then sit tight and hold onto something soft because chances are – it’s application season for that ol’ surgical cheese grater sticking outta ya gut!

Some other things worthy of mention include loose bowels (aka diarrhea) and low grade fevers alongside general shittiness/sluggishness.

Where should I seek medical help?

If you suspect anything grim happening inside thy temple then give up hope immediately and run straight to a hospital, also known as humanity’s majestic saving grace which houses highly capable angels dressed in scrubs who dabble in ‘health stuff’. At hospitals across the world information will be collected quickly via CT scans(ew) or ultrasounds(aka musical chairs, but with nakedness) in order to promptly diagnose the issue and hopefully get everything under control.


Once a formal diagnosis is made through God’s gift to earth (the hospital), there are three routes of treatment one can try — antibiotics (if it ain’t broken then fix it anyway), surgery (more people needed in that room) or sitting around like a bump on a log while doubled over due to pain you should’ve probably looked after earlier. So, let’s choose an option without any sass shall we?


The use of antibiotics when addressing appendicitis hasn’t exactly been agreed upon by everyone; some professionals believe they’re unnecessary while others think patients deserve the courteous sniffles along with the intestinal irritation that comes along for free with antibiotic courses.

However, research has shown that approximately 70% of people who do opt for antibiotics require further medical attention within two years so maybe taking matters into your own hands isn’t such as great thing after all. And hey – even if you want to give this ‘beast mode’ attempt at warding off your mysterious health crisis a go first, make sure someone is holding onto those surgical clippers just incase things go from mellow yellow to sour milk level toxic.

Surgical Intervention?

As odd as it may sound: For most cases related to inflamed appendixes(appendices?), an immediate appen-ectomy needs performed swiftly which ultimately collects up all emergency button presses regarding bloody messes…unless something goes astray during surgical intervention (anesthesiologists shudder~). But fret not! The vast majority come out unscathed and jumping away carefree within weeks!

Most doctors will electively choose general anesthesia (as opposed to nodding off mid-sentence whilst ranting about how no one understands everything else wrong with the planet) because remember, we’re removing organs down south and you’ll want to be snoozing before anything else is lost during the procedure.

Natural remedies?

But let’s say worst comes to worse and there are no hospitals in sight -this uh crazy twist of fate can happen right?- don’t fret. You have a couple of last ditch options and what do they call them? Natural Remedies!(insert sound effects here)

One option (keep an ear out this time) is Probiotics; studies show that people who consume foods like yogurt containing probiotics regularly report having lower incidents relating to appendicitis than those who stuff themselves 24/7 with overly-seasoned KFC chicken nuggets (before running off cursing under their breath whilst screeching “not worth it” repeatedly, naturally).

Another choice for natural treatment follows a path getting into more mystical roots where aromatherapy using essential oils() might see some small improvements in symptoms associated with inflamed appendix syndrome…That being said I’ve never had someone throw lavender oil on my gut when things start going awry so maybe take that one less seriously.


In summary: The key word when addressing appendicitis should always be caution. If you see even an inkling of trouble looming up top then leap at every opportunity available especially if there’s fever involved, constantly pukin’ or any localized pain around your stomach region starts kickin’. Running toward medical professionals will give best chance for diagnosis and ultimately act as damage control over alleviating farther related illness’. And if all else fails, just hope that mystical lavender smell actually does something other than provide relief for stressed-out cats because hey – a miracle usually comes from somewhere unexpected!

Stay safe everybody!

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