What tablets do critical role use?

If you’re wondering what tablets the cast of Critical Role uses, look no further! As avid gamers and passionate tabletop enthusiasts, they use a variety of different devices to enhance their gameplay and overall experience. From digital character sheets to virtual dice rollers, these tablets are essential tools for any modern-day dungeon crawler.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the top tablets used by members of this prestigious gaming group.

iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is one of the most popular choices among the crew. With its sleek design, large screen size, and powerful performance capabilities, it’s easy to see why. Many players use it for taking notes during gameplay or accessing digital reference materials on-the-go.

One notable mention goes to Ashley Johnson who uses her iPad pro as both an action camera remote control and note-taking device with Apple Pencil – really putting that split-screen multitasking feature!

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

This Android-powered tablet has quickly gained popularity among Critical Role fans due to its affordability and versatility. It boasts an impressive 10-inch display with a hefty battery life making it ideal for long game nights spent rolling dice without charging disruptions throughout your journey.

As Liam O’Brien explains in his interview with Tom’s Guide:

“I’m using a handheld projector through my Samsung tab here lately so I can stream our sessions onto whatever white wall is near me wherever I am,” he says with excitement “and we’ve been playing games that way.”

Now that sounds like fun!

Microsoft Surface Go

Another great option loved by Travis Willingham is The Microsoft surface go which doubles up as both a laptop/tablet kind-of-hybrid-thingy ma jig 🙂 Its portability makes it perfect for those always-on-the-move gaming cons where space is tight; after all Tavris (as he describes himself) always saves his best battle cry Yu-Mat-Ooooh! for the bigger crowds.

Wacom Cintiq Companion 2

For all you Artist-junkies, Critical Role is not shy to display their admiration toward this stylish drawing tablet. So if you are thinking of getting something more powerful, interactive but still portable with a stylus pen then look no further! Laura Bailey provides some in-depth detail by stating:

“I have the Cintiq Companion – Illustration software Adobe CC and Clip Studio Paint mainly. Those come into play on a weekly basis.”

That’s hardcore, pun intended 🙂

iPad Mini

A smaller option loved by Matt Mercer – The Shuffler & Keeper of Lore himself… well at least we just made up that second title; sounds cool though! It serves perfectly as both an e-reader and quick-reference guide during gaming sessions – he is after all responsible for creating deep backstories incorporating them neatly into each game character’s story arcs hence needing easy access to personal notes.

Another frequent mention devoted members noted he uses it quite often as his digital assistant sync’d with his iPhone… which allows him easier lookup control over music playlist configurations during mini-battles without breaking intensity from the gameplay.

Good on ya Matto 😉

Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet

The budget friendly Jeff Bezos’ device comes highly recommended too. For those who need versatile functionality around a tight budget but still desire crisp resolution (priced significantly less than its other superpower brethren). It stands out (at least in Brian Foster’s eyes) due to its compatibility with PAIZO PFD files which include every tabletop essentials including rulebooks, modules and companions allowing seamless immersion while playing their favorite systems Pathfinder and Starfinder respectively.

Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet

This pick has been popular among gamers worldwide even beyond Critical Role fandom since its release three years ago raising high-performance benchmarks thanks to NVIDIA-powered hardware inside. The team behind CR has nodded towards this device in their setup by acknowledging that it works absolutely great when set up with Roll20’s web platform.

This handy tablet has customizable buttons and boasts gaming-friendly functionalities making it an understandably preferred choice of both Marisha Ray & Taliesin Jaffe.


Lastly, not one to leave out is Laura Bailey’s trademark go-to-tablet; fine print version – Asus ZenPad 10 priced suspiciously similarly compared to Apple iPad Mini’s base models. It features a pretty memorable name @laurabaileyvo joked about via her twitter handle: #MyZenPadBringsAllThePensToTheYard giving away that this little devil is primarily used during those epic game plot brainstorming sessions so be sure to take note!

Well there you have it! While being budget-friendly, productive or entertaining each member seems fully equipped for any adventure whether they wear their hearts on humorous sleeves and pause the gameplay for a cunning comeback or dive into character development further down the rabbit hole. All tablets work differently but somehow create cohesive dynamics enhancing critical role-play times which quite frankly leaves us drooling awaiting more episodes!

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