What symptoms of b12 deficiency?

Ah, the woes of being an adult. Keeping up with all the vitamins and nutrients our bodies need seems like a never-ending task. Especially when it comes to that pesky vitamin B12 – what even is that for anyway? Well, dear reader, buckle up as we dive into the world of B12 deficiency symptoms. We promise to make it fun, so put down your kale smoothie and join us.

First things first: what’s this “B12” everyone keeps talking about?

Let’s get nerdy for just a minute or two. Vitamin B12 is essential in order for our nerves and blood cells to function properly (fancy!). It also helps keep DNA healthy (mind blown?) Okay okay, we’ll stop with the science-y stuff now.

Bottom line: you need vitamin B12 in your life if you want your body to work correctly.

Why do people become deficient?

Well folks, it could be several reasons:

  • Your diet lacks foods high in vitamin B12
  • You have trouble absorbing enough through food
  • Certain medications can interfere with absorption

Or my personal favorite…

You simply forget to take a supplement every day because #adultingishard.

Regardless of why you might not be getting enough Vit-B-I-love-you (that was its nickname forever ago), below are some cold hard facts on signs/symptoms that should activate your Spidey sense…

Pale skin? Avoidance from sunlight? Could be Paleona

Vitamin b 1 2 deficiency may bring along changes in skin coloration whereby one may experience pale yellow tinge instead of regular pinkish glow! These occur from impairment during red blood cell production which carries oxygen around effectively hence leading Paleness especially visible in Indian complexioned individuals/ people evading exposure to sun rays.

Also, it may cause hyperpigmentation or darkening of skin in other people. Either way, embrace your newfound look as a crime-fighting superhero (worthy of its own comic book series IMO).

WTF is up with my tongue?

Has your partner told you lately that kissing you feels like making out with a porcupine? Maybe even several hot cats stuck to their face at once? Well folks, looks like ol’ faithful B12 might be to blame!

A deficiency could lead to a swollen, red and bumpy tongue. Or worse – smoothness on the surface instead of the normal texture (cue shudders). But hey! maybe you’ll develop new talents such as perfecting imitations gollum gollum

Gimme some energy: not only for bills

Vitamin B12 helps make DNA inside our body which help in creating healthy pprppp… (zzz)Okay if we lost ya already wake-up call! Ever feel unusually tired during typical hours or have difficulty sleeping? Boom- that’s another sign.

This droopy-eyed sensation develops due to lower oxygen carrying around by RBC(Red Blood Cells) leading fatigue/ lethargy often tracked back towards vitamin b 1 2 deficiencyrock n roll

At this point exhaustion has us thinking taking vitamins can never hurt right?! (Disclaimer: do not take any random supplements before checks sources consulting with professional health care service providers.)

Mental Fog

Don’t worry friendos; there’s still hope for those big plans after work tonight. Just kidding -. Unless they involve wearing PJs and chilling with Netflix all night.

B12 deficiencies have been found to prove detrimental impacts on short term memory e.g remembering where keys were left yesterday/before/. It also linked mood swings among all protagonists who read our content and didwnt lose the plot yet

( Unrelated but important tip: Leave a key hook by the door so you never have to worry about this again!)

In conclusion:

As exhausted as we are from reading and writing, we hope you got some chuckles along with valuable information. And hopefully, now that you know, “B12 deficiency” doesn’t seem like such an enigma anymore.

Just remember – if your best friend is suddenly more pale than usual or starts insisting on eating a lot of steak (a great source of B12!) then maybe it’s worth recommending they get their blood checked out. It’ll save them any future porcupine tongue trauma before it’s too late…

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