What swollen tonsils look like?

Tonsils are two small glands located at the back of the throat that play an important role in our immune system. However, when these tonsils become enlarged or inflamed, it can cause discomfort and pain. In this article, we will be discussing what swollen tonsils look like.

Understanding Tonsillitis: A Brief Overview

Before diving into what swollen tonsils look like, let us have a brief understanding of what causes it – tonsillitis. It is a condition wherein the tonsils become infected by bacteria or viruses causing inflammation and swelling that leads to difficulty in swallowing and breathing.

Some common symptoms include sore throat, fever, headaches and fatigue but one sign you might not know is changing in appearance of your tonsil sores.

Now that we’re caught up on exactly what’s going on inside ourselves when our throats start to get achy or problematic…

Juicy Details on Enlarged & Inflamed Tonsils

Here’s how those swollen little things really appear:

  1. Enlargement of the Palatine Tonsil
    The palatine tonsil sits visibly between lots of soft tissue lining your mouth entrance.
    A healthy (or “normal”) palatine looks roughly flat; whereas during infection they expand — morphing from pimple-sized nodules (the size which most people find ‘normal’) to sizable masses several centimeters large (that decreases normal activity within voice box/airways).

  2. Presence of Yellow/White Sores
    One common observation seen with overwhelmingly swamped need for bodily defense tactics?
    Sheer white patches dotting every surface visible… accompanied oftentimes by pus-discharge “craters”.

  3. Redness All Round The Mouth-Exit’s Inside Lining
    Imagine waking up looking very hungover after downing nearly 9 bottles hefty-holo-pocket-quart-with-glass attached to approximately 4 bottles shots of high-proof gin the night before with your face squished into a pillow…and that’s kinda how an irritated, flamed up area around tonsils looks. It hurts too.

One thing we wouldn’t recommend at all are makeshift tongue depressors or pointy Q-tips.
Because constant poking and prodding could easily worsen soreness–increasing the chafing sensation in our mouths while adding fresh microbial infections caused just by attempting invalid medical procedures not conducted safely.

Essentially: Let it heal however long it takes! Rest is key!

Complications Associated with Swollen Tonsils

It’s crucial to seek medical attention if swollen tonsils persist for more than five days as this can lead to further complications such as:

  1. Obstructive Sleep Apnea
    An excess enlargement of inflamed tissues (in context here – your medially placed lymphadenoid organs) endangers natural breathing cycles whilst snoozing, leading lack of restorative REM sleep which provide rejuvenating energies needed so you’re awake enough to actually live life!)

  2. Peritonsillar Abscess
    When swelling spreads beyond the control centers of inflammation causes outside oral pathways have trouble containing , unsafe abscesses tend grow bigger causing potential large-scale danger — risk for serious throat-obstruction and other sudden health crises is quite imminent.

As they say, prevention is better than cure but when symptoms start showing up, treatment options include:
– Antibiotics especially in case bacterial infection leads doctors advising amoxicillin penicillin doses = Alleviated pain & swelling possible swiftly post 3-5mo medication period.
-Painkillers like ibuprofen w/ acetaminophen help keep discomfort lulls & steady.
-Plenty of Fluids ie. Dehydration is counterproductive to the healing process!
-Rest of course!
This step cannot be stressed upon /emphasized enough.


Swollen tonsils can cause discomfort and pain but with prompt medical attention, they can be treated effectively. So if you notice any of the aforementioned symptoms, book an appointment with your doctor today!

There you have it folks – a fun article detailing swollen tonsils that was both informative and humorous (we hope). Remember to take care of your health and prioritize rest when needed so as not to worsen any preexisting conditions or infect yourself further than necessary via desperate home remedies such as cotton swabs/tongue depressors even though its tempting because we assume excess cleaning speeds up healing time – this often leads us down caution-lacking rabbit holes devoided of safety precautions leading to burdensome consequences for our long term wellness goals.

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