What supplements make you sleepy?

We all know the pain of insomnia – tossing and turning, counting sheep, even trying out some obscure yoga positions just to get a little shut-eye. But did you know that there are certain supplements out there that can actually help you drift off to dreamland? That’s right, while most supplements give us a jolt of energy and focus during the day; others can have the opposite effect. So grab your favorite pair of pajamas and let’s explore what supplements make you sleepy!

GABA for Goodnight Kisses

GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid) is an amino acid supplement often used as an anti-anxiety drug due to its ability to calm your nervous system down. It works by blocking neurotransmitters in the brain responsible for stimulation, thus promoting relaxation instead. This makes it an excellent aid for winding down at bedtime.

So turn on some soft music, pop two capsules 30 minutes before bed (it might take longer in table form), snuggle up with your partner (or pillow) and enjoy sweet dreams.

Valerian Root: Mother Nature’s Sleeping Pill

Valerian root is another natural sleep-inducing miracle found on earth (nope not Mars). It has been used since ancient Greece as an aid in calming anxiety and inducing sleepiness because it contains compounds known to enhance GABA levels which has already mentioned earlier helps promote restful sleep.

It usually comes in tea form so brew yourself a cup before settling into bed (and don’t forget about those PJ’s) or go straight for the tincture if need be – but watch out; valerian root aroma leaves much less desired taste behind!

Love Hormones Knock Out (Oxytocin)

You wouldn’t expect love hormones like Oxytocin ‘The Cuddle Chemical’ among our list of soporific agents, would you? But actually, the cuddle chemical could also enhance sleep as well. Oxytocin is responsible for bonding feelings between humans and animals alike. Studies have linked increased levels of oxytocin in males with relaxation and stress relief (good news fellas!).

One way to boost your oxytocin naturally is by hugging someone or even an animal, spending time with loved ones, holding hands or sex (yes I went there). Alternatively try taking a supplement that contains it in its ingredients such as melatonin supplements from reputable brands.

Melatonin the Sleeping Beauty

Melatonin (the hormone responsible for regulating our body’s circadian rhythm) can be found in vast numbers of people’s nightstands all around us like Harry Potter books on the shelf – and for good reason! It has been shown to help treat insomnia particularly regarding sleeping difficulties caused by shift-work/shift-jet-lag syndrome.

Melatonin supplements are perfect for anyone who struggles with falling asleep at night due to working odd-shift patterns– flights too east/westward will throw your clock out of whack big-time!

As always check if you require permission before using this magical compound before starting any new routine– safety first friends!

Magnesium – For Complete Relaxation

Magnesium is one mineral we need in large amounts but somehow seems up shortage many times! Low magnesium levels have been linked with poor quality sleep (we’ve all had those nights) so it makes sense why adding a bit more into our daily diets could do wonders when bedtime rolls around.

This supplement promotes muscle relaxation which helps make one feel drowsy; something necessary which comes in handy after running errands throughout a day donning masks everywhere making it difficult to breathe fully.After discussing dosage take 30 minutes before hitting sheets those comfy bedsheets!


The amino-acid precursor 5-hydroxytryptophan (does it sound like a big scary monster in your belly?) or better known as 5-HTP might have its place on our list.

Firstly, it converts into serotonin which is important in stabilizing mood and reducing anxiety – many things that contribute to sleepless nights. Additionally, the supplement can also enhance melatonin production to assist users shut off their brains when wanting slumber-mode.

Whether you are interested in elevating your mood during the day or just preparing for a night with extra pillows by taking the opportunity of an early bedtime; 5-HTP supplements (the former) may be worth considering if nothing else seems appealing!

Creating A Sleep-Inducing Routine

While adding these handy dandy supplements may help you float off to dreamland without any issues, remember – there’s no substitute for good habits! Establishing sustainable scheduling and routinely committing yourself efforts are instrumental too; dozing off timely if stress sallies forth usually takes more than popping some pills before hitting those cozy bed sheets (unfortunately).

Some potential ways include:

  • Sticking To Your Bedtime – Consistency usually equals predictability.

  • Avoid Stimulants such as caffeine at least six hours Before Bed Time – coffee lovers unite but alas its price again tonight!

  • Relaxation Techniques Before Bed– Calming exercises like reading , meditating listening soft sounds and all.

Remember tossing-turning moments aren’t permanent friends so take charge soon-exuberantly-like an electric boogaloo dancer :).


If counting sheep has left you feeling uninspired then hopefully this article will come with tips worthy enough to put pep in your step towards getting that restful night’s sleep possible. Remember always consults physicians beforehand even whilst these natural snooze subsidies.