What sunscreen to use in tanning bed?

Ah, the tanning bed. A modern marvel of technology that allows us to achieve that golden glow we always wanted, without having to endure prolonged exposure under the sun.

Unfortunately, as great as tanning beds are for our vanity, they pose significant risks to our skin’s health. Which is why it is essential to navigate this treacherous land armed with the knowledge of which sunscreen would be most suitable for soaking up those UV rays while keeping your skin healthy and glowing.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about tanning bed sunscreens – from what exactly they are and how they work, all the way down to which ones you should use based on your specific needs.

What Exactly Are Tanning Bed Sunscreens?

A tanning bed sunscreen is simply a type of lotion or cream designed specifically for use in indoor tanning beds. These products help keep your skin protected against harmful UV radiation emitted by these machines while still allowing enough light through so that you can get tan.

However, it’s important not only  that the sunscreen does its job but also that it meets particular criteria:

  • It must protect from UVA & UVB radiation.
  • It needs moisturizing elements since any form of ultraviolet rays dry out skin.
  • It’s recommended if it includes vitamins C and E.
  • Using an oil-free product keeps pores clean because there won’t be excess oil other particles sticking around at unnecessary spots.

How Do They Work?

Tanning bed sunscreens generally contain ingredients like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which reflect light off your body rather than being absorbed into your skin entirely. This means less DNA damage to cells caused by ionizing radiation penetrating deeper layers!

Other types rely on chemicals such as avobenzone or oxybenzone which reduce damaging radicals caused by ultraviolet light or ones focused on blocking overall harmful rays/ radiation to the skin.

Keep in mind that Sunscreens can’t block all of the sun’s UV light. When you are exposed, you still need balance and be care full about your time spent under a tanning bed.

Different Types of Tanning Bed Sunscreen

With plenty of options available in today’s market-place we have balanced out different types for each use below :

1. Lotion-based Sunscreen

Lotions provide an excellent source of vitamins with thorough absorption into the skin ((afterwards no greasy aftermath when sweating!)). Ideal if wanting a product adding up moisture alongside maintaining protection within UVA & UVB parameters.

2. Spray-based Sunscreen

These sprays protect from ultraviolet damage (no dripping down upon applying them)! They’re easy to apply but take extra steps like covering mouth/nose area plus eyes due to particle matter potentially reaching other unwanted facial areas.

3. Oil-free based sunscreen

Oil-free products handy if worried about clogged pores leaving it not combining well with oil base substances whilst following up / throughout intakes by being residue free

What To Look For In A Good Tanning Bed Sunscreen?

Choosing an effective tanning bed sunscreen can make all the difference between achieving a beautiful golden tan while keeping your skin healthy – and ending up with painful burns (and possibly long term risks) that could stay with you forever.

Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting one:

  • Always check both UVA & UVB ratings before purchasing
  • Is non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores)
  • If considering sprays aerosols may contain dangerous chemicals which can tarnish surfaces inside as walls etc over time: where possible finding fabric coverings might help prevent these issues form occurring
  • Contains added ingredients such as vitamin C, E,& green tea extracts for added antioxidant properties
  • Look out for SPF ratings anywhere from SPF 15 to 50 would assure protection levels necessary whilst using a tanning bed.

Which Sunscreen Should I Use Feature?

You’re in luck; we’ve made an exclusive list of the best Tanning Bed Sunscreens on the market:

Product Key Features
Australian Gold Sinfully Black Extreme Dominance Indoor Tan Lotion Silicon emulsion that rewards you with Aloe Vera, Hemp Seed Extracts plus Vitamins combined providing necessary hydrating benefits also promotes skin elasticity
Ocean Potion Dark Tanning Intensifier Lotion Fast-dry feature while allowing full range facial movement throughout usage. Has strong moisturizing elements aided by natural ingredients like Algae and deep sea salt water acting as ideal exfoliating agents leaving visible clarity & beautiful definition around all body regions!
European Gold Flash Black Platinum Deep Tanning Oil Spray This product delivers intensive coverage perfect companion while achieving your desired tan thanks to refreshing argan oil formulation implementing hydrated features effortlessly preventing dryness after use.

The purpose of this guide is to help you choose what’s suitable following each individual’s needs. Keep in mind personal preferences along within other determining factors that dictate budget and type.


In conclusion, getting golden brown skin doesn’t have to come at the expense of your health – provided you know how which barrier cream/ lotion or spray will serve best against ultraviolet rays!

By considering factors such as UVA/UVB spectrum rating levels – whether looks need extra moisture&nutritional supplements (e.g., vitamins C+E) alongside consistency quality paired up with commercial value when browsing sunscreen types available today.

Always aim towards selecting a formula specifically designed for indoor use: disallowing accidentally having applied outdoor/casual sun blocks could ultimately put more damage than good.

So keep calm indoors, follow our tips above and before you know it, step out looking fabulous and beaming with the healthiest sunkissed summer skin!