What stops dizziness?

Dizziness is something that can hit you at any time, without warning. It’s a feeling that nobody wants to experience but everyone will (at some point of their lives) encounter it. Whether it’s caused by dehydration, lack of sleep or just standing up too quickly, dizziness can leave you feeling unsteady and disorientated. However, there are ways to combat dizziness and prevent it from happening in the first place.

In this article, we will explore the various methods available to stop dizzy spells in their tracks.

Understanding Dizziness

Before we dive into how to stop dizziness once it strikes let’s take a moment to understand what causes this unpleasant sensation.

The Inner Ear Connection

The inner ear plays an important role in balance and spatial orientation. When movement or extra fluid disrupts its functioning, one may become dizzy; however there are several other reasons why people get dizzy. Some common causes include:

1) Low Blood Pressure
2) Dehydration
3) Certain Medications
4) Lack of Sleep (30%of Americans suffer from Insomnia)

There are also certain conditions such as Meniere’s Disease which could cause more severe cases therefore identifying causative agents that lead to vertigo/dizziness based on patient history (including medications they’re taking,viral history etc.), physical examination findings and diagnostic tests should be sought under guidance by healthcare professionals before attempting home remedies if symptoms persist.

How does Dizzines Manifest?

The most common sensations associated with dizziness include:

  • Feeling lightheadedness
  • Getting off balance while walking (unsteadiness)
  • Spinning around / Room spinning
  • Head rush with position changes (especially standing)

These uncomfortable sensations all come with one thing – the urge for them to Stop!

So without further ado let’s look at ways we can actually alleviate dizziness, so that when suddenly hit with it – or experienced chronically,it won’t ruin your day!

1. Stay Hydrated

Dehydration can be a major trigger for dizziness, especially during the warmer months of the year. When you’re dehydrated, your blood pressure drops and you may experience lightheadedness or even fainting.

To prevent this from happening make sure to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day (at least 8 glasses), especially water! If possible steer clear from alcohol which is known to dehydrate and could only worsen an already dizzy head.

Or maybe Invest in a reusable water bottle- carry one around as then drinking will become second nature – plus environmental bonus points !

2. Get some Rest!

Don’t underestimate how important good sleep habits are since our brain relies on sleep to properly function .

Not getting enough restorative sleep has been shown to throw off internal balance which could lead directly down unsteady pathways such as fatigue, irritability,and yes- DIZZINESS!

Strive for 7 hours per night, develop a bedtime routine-before bed relaxation techniques such as meditation / music / essential oils- whatever floats your boat but stick with them !

But hey – we get it sometimes life just thrives off being unexpected… So if you’re really struggling & needing some zzz’s try napping ! Yes,naps earned their significant importance after all… Sleepless nights suck – Take advantage of any reprieve at every feasible opportunity; both bodily and mental health will thank you later.

During daytime hours? Simply close those eyes whenever not requiring sustained attention ; benefiting memory retention cognitive functioning ,improvements in mood,& of course daytime alertness.

And before ya know it – Say goodbye Mr.Dizzy-man!

3.Avoid Fast Movements

One common cause of dizziness is motion sickness due to rapid or abrupt changes in position. Things like standing up quickly after sitting or lying down, bending over, or tilting your head can make you dizzy.

So beware of quick motions – take time to slowly move around and avoid making fast movements that could cause the sensation.

However should you need to stand up quickly (maybe for an important speech) counter-balance yourself by moving legs apart when standing – giving a more stable stance ,wait a couple of moments before setting off following brisk walks suited if one eases into them rather than commencing at full optimum speed… Slow and Steady Wins The Race!

4.Breathe slowly And Fully

If your dizziness is caused by anxiety, learning breathing exercises techniques is a major key towards combating these physical reactions closely related therewith .

Breathing deep can help calm down nerves thus reducing anxious thoughts which may be contributing already elevated heart rate plus fluttering stomach feeling associated with being overwhelmed.

Simply inhale slowly through nose over four counts whilst relaxing shoulders & neck- hold breath for another count then exhale out placing emphasis on controlled slow open mouth exhalation . Repeat several times as needed!

From experience we know it takes practice- easier said than done; but ultimately Mindfulness just might unlock even greater Disorientation Prevention powers too… Worth practicing anytime anyway !


The root ginger has long been used medicinally due to its many health benefits particularly including nausea prevention.(we all know how nausea and accompanying vomiting almost always follows extreme cases of vertigo right? ).

Especially helpful during first trimester pregnancy sickness& proving effective even if suffering from symptoms relating travel -ginger easily accessible herb providing this way relief in both pills/extract/concentrate form.Smoothie add-ins perhaps?

Or better yet opt for ginger beer cocktail mocktail relaxation combo whomping double punch!

6.Check Your Medications

Some medications such as antidepressants or blood pressure medications could cause dizziness as a side effect, particularly if taken in higher dosage than prescribed. Should you experience unexplained dizziness after taking your medication talk to your doctor about whether it’s safe for you to continue taking the same dose – adjusting / tapering is always an option!

Nb: Please do not stop any prescription medication without consulting medical professional initially.

Non-prescribed medicines and supplements also ought be used cautiously; Even most natural substances come with some side effects patterns individualistic potentially impacting body chemistry unfavorably.

7.Salt Intake

Low sodium levels within fluids lead dehydration thereby plummeting decreased blood volume &low hormone release which together often causing disturbances both balance perception plus onset of vertigo attacks…

Increasing salt intake(eating salty snacks instead of sugary and/or applying extra potassium) can help raise these water retention levels back up towards homeostasis .

Note Though- recommended max is 2.4g/day sticking within this limit overall -it’s all needed!

8.Stand Within Vision Range Of Something Fixed

Staring into space when feeling lightheaded spells trouble- wandering vision good sign one losing balance.

So stay upright positioning oneself facing stationary vertical that acts as potential support ring anchor-In this way able sustain focus ground whilst disorientation present until subsides!

Good Option: Sturdy Table Top perhaps –

Side Note: Although floors might appear stable they are actually continually shifting beneath our feet therefore only temporary spot hold.

Every step counts (literally!). A simple thing like consistently parking further away from your destination so you can count more steps required brings daily activity level up while maximizing opportunities anchoring self-guarantee it helps hugely counterbalancing slight dizzy spell difficulties anytime/anywhere!

In Conclusion

In summary, there many ways to put a stop on unwelcomed bouts of Dizziness. By staying hydrated, getting plenty of rest, avoiding fast movements and incorporating breathing techniques you could be left dizzy-free more often than not.

Alongside these remedies including ginger in diet taking note of medication side effects & healthier eating patterns together with increased activity levels (tracking steps on phone app-walking everyday) can assist great way in preventing dizziness from ever occurring. Remember! Any persistent unexplained symptoms/changes would warrant consultation with medical professional who will confirm diagnosis or test that need to be done before treatment being summarized.

So stay healthy,hydrate naturally,& invest your time daily ensuring body remains balanced: the chances are high for keeping uncontrollable Dizzines at bay!

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