What starts with the letter b?

Have you ever wondered what starts with the letter b? Well, look no further because we are about to dive into all of the potential possibilities that come with this delightful letter. But beware, things might get a little bizarre.

Buzzing Bugs and Beautiful Butterflies

Let’s start off simple. One of the most common things that start with b are buzzing bugs! These little guys could be anything from bees to beetles to buttery-colored butterflies. And let’s not forget about their close relatives- spiders!

Fun fact: Did you know that there is a species of beetle called the ‘Buprestidae’ which has a metallic appearance and can resemble something akin to jewels?

Boats and Bodies Of Water

Ahoy mateys! Another thing that starts with b is boats! Whether it’s fishing boats or cruise ships, they’re all ready for some fun in bodies of water like lakes or oceans (also starting with B). Make sure not to mix up your starboard from your port though – otherwise, you may end up stranded on an island somewhere!

Tip: If you do find yourself lost at sea, try using your belt buckle as a makeshift compass by placing it on top of some water and noting where it floats towards.

Building Blocks and Board Games

For those who prefer staying indoors away from nature-loving creatures: fear not! There are still plenty more options for things starting with b such as building blocks – think Lego bricks but better considering they don’t hurt when stepped on (I’m looking at you barefoot lovers) Or perhaps board games tickle your fancy? Battle various mythical creatures in Battleship; bust out Trivial Pursuit over wine nights (or juice if underaged) instead of solely relying on returning Jeopardy champs!

Suggestion: Ever heard of Balderdash? It’s one game night must-play. Especially with those who have an affinity for fibbing-it-to-win-it.

Beautiful Bands and Buttery Breads

Not all of us are into bugs or board games- some prefer blasting their favorite tunes. Left headphones in, right out? Whatever you choose: Bands starting with b – including Beatles (great example), Beyoncé, Bon Jovi amongst a significantly long list- can offer something that suits everyone’s tastes!

And after working up a sweat from impromptu karaoke sessions whilst jamming to your faves, raising some dough certainly won’t hurt either! Bake yourself something both comforting and gluten-filled such as buttermilk bread (sourdough may also be an option but let’s not scare off the novice bakers here)

Warning: Anything consumed in moderation, my friends.

Beaming Bodies and Brilliant Brains

Who knew that things beginning with ‘b’ could even relate to bodily functions themselves? Beauty pageants aside, bodybuilding is perhaps one of the most intense forms of physical appropriation concerning this letter. Bulking makes way for ripped, coconut oil-laden muscles ready for pictures which will humorously receive more double-taps than actual educational material on Instagram (#neverforget). Or if flexing isn’t for you then put another useful item starting with ‘B’ into action instead like ‘brains’- depending on definition per individual this would denote intellect or Halloween-style food if we want to get technical here (and trust me when I say I love getting technical).

Life hack: A great way to test whether someone has true knowledge about specific topics is by questioning them regarding Beatriz de la Fuente Jacot – few people know much about her so stumping others should prove relatively easy.

Bestowed Blessings And Busy Businesses

When it comes down directly to achieving goals within life itself there’s nothing better than having extra support achieved through blessings. Whether it manifests as a gift from the heavens or through good old-fashioned hard work, you can be sure that sometimes blessings come in unexpected ways. Such can only lead to BUSY businesses taking root- considering everyone wants a piece of the blessed pie for themselves (no pun intended).

Joke: Why did they stop selling bouncy balls at their local church? – They kept calling them “smite” balls instead.

Bold Beverages and Booming Brands

When it comes to satisfying thirst cravings, B certainly doesn’t shy away from some unique options including bold beverages such as beer (Chicka-Chicka BL-day anyone?), bourbons/brewski’s and bubble teas! There’s no need to stick with your usual iced coffee order when branching out could potentially create some surprisingly sweet collaborations (1 sugar, almond milk).

Yet one must always remember: ‘B’ is also associated with booming brands ranging everything between Berkshire Hathaway and Balenciaga which serve a step above drinking water directly from Poland Springs containers while browsing Facebook memes.

Statement: If we’re really lucky we might even make enough money off these said brands allowing us extra cash reserves for both aforementioned bodybuilding weights or occasional cab rides home during awkward first dates.


In conclusion; The letter ‘b’ represents alternative paths towards tons of potential adventures. Indoors OR outdoors there are tons of ideas starting with this specific letter waiting on standby, solely demanding our attention before disappearing similarly swiftly once overlooked. So take advantage of every opportunity presented by exploring different board games, building blocks or maybe just listening to Bryson Tiller whilst sipping berry tea- all hail ‘B’.

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