What size is 15ml?

15 millimeters equals 0.591 inches

How to convert 15 ml to a tablespoon? Convert 15 ml to tbsp What is 15 Milliliters in Tablespoons? To calculate 15 Milliliters to the corresponding value in Tablespoons, multiply the quantity in Milliliters by 0.06762804511761 (conversion factor). In this case we should multiply 15 Milliliters by 0.06762804511761 to get the equivalent result in Tablespoons:

How many teaspoons is 15ml of Medicine? 15ml of medicine is how many teaspoons? A teaspoon is usually 5ml, and a tablespoon 15ml. But as spoon designs vary, you can’t be sure your teaspoon is 5ml.

How many sprays are in a mL of perfume? The general rule of thumb for fragrance atomizers is 10 sprays per mL, so your standard sample size of 1.5 mL from the perfume counter will provide you with 15 sprays. This is the same for cologne—the measurements do not change.