What shape has one side of a face?

Listen, I know this may sound like a ridiculous question but have you ever wondered what shape one side of your face is? Have you ever tried to draw it or describe it to someone else and just couldn’t quite put your finger on it? Fear not my friends, for I am here to guide you through the fascinating world of face shapes.

The Basics

Before we dive into the specifics, let’s start with the basics. Every face has two sides – left and right. Each side is made up of various features such as eyes, nose, mouth, cheekbones etc. However, when we talk about the shape of one side of a face in particular, we are referring primarily to the general outline or silhouette that these features create as they come together.

So what are some common types of facial silhouettes?

There are several different ways that people classify facial outlines. Some say there are six basic shapes while others argue there can be dozens depending on individual nuances in bone structure and fat distribution. Here are five broad categories:

1) Oval: A gently rounded curve from forehead to chin with slightly wider cheekbones than forehead width.
2) Round: Full cheeks without much definition along jawline.
3) Heart: Wider at temples with a narrow pointed chin.
4) Square: Prominent jawline almost equal width to forehead; strong angles along sides.
5) Diamond: Narrow hairline and jaw with fuller cheeks.

Now let’s get back to our original query – what exactly does one half (left OR right) subset look like within these categories?

One-hot take coming through!

In reality folks, not every pair__of faces will perfectly match even within these generalized frameworks so instead try think more broadly in terms characteristics per section when looking at models

But..let’s give it shot anyway shall we?

Here are some possible half-face__shapes depending on where you draw the imaginary line dividing one side from the other within each category (the opposite side may have similar or different pattern depending on individual nuances as mentioned and need to be evaluated separately).


-Soft curving slope with minimal angles; can contain slightly fuller jawline in horizontal half of face but more prominent along cheekbones & temple





-Smooth rounded circle-like shape with less emphasis in cheeks, forehead
-and jaw corner

Round Picture

Cheek/V-line Horizontal Half

Image: round-half pic

The half oval above could also apply here as well.


-Narrow hairline that widens towards high cheekbone ridge then tapers into narrow pointed jaw at mouth

Heart Face Picture

Example heart half-face may look like this below:

Wider High Cheekbone Section                                                                    Narrow Pointed Jaw Mouth

 curl-shaped vertical half of heart half face



-Prominent strong angles for corners plus probably a slightly wider jaw & less smoothness along cheekbones; minimal curving

Picture-square pic

Horizontal Half

Vertical half would have more curved/angular lines.


Narrow forehead and chin with wider cheeks crowns the face silhouette in diamond shapes

[diamond similitude indiqué sur l’image ici. Pour la simplicité, le reste des autres catégories ont été supprimées pour prendre moins de place. Cette image peut être remplacée par une autre à partir d’une source]

[image du haut d’un triangle pointu avec les côtés courbes représentant la section horizontale et l’image en bas représente une ligne droite verticale]

Example that may resemble half a diamond shape:

 Crowning Cheek Ridges

                                Narrow Jawlinew

diamond-half-face example

And there you have it folks! A humorous guide to identifying different subsets of facial features based on general outlines that per-se are thought to fall within five broad categories with exceptions being made to individuals who do not fit typical patterns.

Thank you for reading this random self-appointed comedic-faced moderator’s half-arsed attempt at classifying types of faces.

Now go out their and show off that beautiful visage you’ve got!