What shampoo makes my hair grow faster?

If you’re like me, your hair may seem to grow at a snail’s pace. You dream of having long, flowing locks that would put Rapunzel to shame, but alas, all you’re left with is an underwhelming strand situation.

So naturally (pun intended), the question on everyone’s mind is: What shampoo makes my hair grow faster? Is there really some magical potion out there that can transform our limp strands into gorgeous manes?

Well, let’s dive headfirst (again, pun fully intended) into this hairy topic and see what science has to say about it.

Debunking the Myth

First things first: shampoo doesn’t actually make your hair grow faster. Yeah, I know – it sucks. But hear me out.

Your hair grows from follicles underneath your scalp. Shampoo only comes in contact with the strands themselves; it doesn’t affect the follicle or the growth process in any way.

In fact, washing your hair too frequently can actually be detrimental for its health because it strips away natural oils and causes dryness and breakage (not cool).

That being said…

Choosing the Right Shampoo

While shampoo won’t make your hair grow faster à la magic beans in Jack and the Beanstalk (sorry), using the right type of shampoo can definitely help promote healthy growth by nourishing and strengthening your strands from root to tip.

Look for Ingredients That Promote Growth

Some shampoos contain ingredients such as biotin or keratin which are known to strengthen and encourage new growth from existing follicles; others use caffeine which claim to increase blood flow to scalp leading towards fast growth speed of hairs haha as if someone told them they have somewhere important event coming up soon (wink)!

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

We get it – a shampoo that really suds gives you that satisfying clean feeling. But many high-foaming shampoos contain sulfates, which can strip away natural oils and cause breakage (sensing a pattern here?).

Try to stick with sulfate-free or low-sulfate formulas instead. (Your hair will thank you).

Determine Your Hair Type

Not all shampoos are created equal when it comes to promoting growth. Take into account your individual hair type when selecting a shampoo.

For example, if you have fine hair, look for lightweight shampoos that won’t weigh down your strands; if you have curly hair, opt for formulas that cater specifically to curls and their unique needs.

A Healthy Scalp = Healthy Hair Growth

Let’s play another round of “good news, bad news”. The bad news: while shampoo won’t directly make your hair grow faster, the good news is that having healthy scalp is absolute necessity for longer tresses!

Think about it: just like plants need nutritious soil to thrive, our follicles need a nourishing environment in order to sprout happy and healthy strands.

So what steps can we take towards achieving this goal?

Treat Your Scalp Right

Keep scalp moisturized through regular serum application or damp towel wrapped up after applying any active agent over the area affected . Avoid harsh chemicals such as prolonged use of relaxers which doesn’t only make hairs thinner but also damage the nearby parts badly! Massage scalp gently during daily wash routine back-and-forth motion called ‘effleurage’ technique ensuring blood circulation remains smooth throughout head level.

Also avoid tight hairstyles such as cornrows , braids etc as they pull out unnaturally at strand leading either towards alopecia aka bald patches remaining behind blackhead marks from long-term consistent pulling activity (yikess)!!

Mind That Diet

A balanced diet can work wonders not just for our bodies but also for our hair. Eating nutrient-dense foods rich in vitamins and minerals such as iron, zinc, and vitamin C, etc can contribute towards better scalp health which will translate into stronger strands that resist breakage (Yas!). So swap out those potato chips with a plate full of vegetables.


So there you have it – the hairy truth about whether shampoo can make your hair grow faster or not. While we may not be able to achieve instant Rapunzel-status overnight (definitely half wig if “instant longhair” is what you were looking for!), using the right kind of shampoo along with other healthy hair practices like treating your scalp well and minding your diet , rest assured that real progress towards growth & strength-fueled by nourishing environment-will come eventually down the road (Patience young one).

And hey, if all else fails…there’s always clip-on extensions!

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