What pregnancy test can i use the earliest?

Congratulations! You might be pregnant or just super paranoid. Nonetheless, you want to know which pregnancy test you can use ASAP (as soon as possible). Well buckle up and get ready for a ride on this hormonal wave of information!

The Idea Behind it All

This topic is as old as time itself – Ok, maybe not THAT old. But people have been trying to figure out ways they can find out if they’re expecting way before their first missed period. And why not? Who doesn’t enjoy being in suspense wondering if your life will change forever?! It’s like waiting for the next season of Game of Thrones to come out… oh wait, that ship has sailed.

The idea behind pregnancy tests is easy enough to comprehend. When a fertilized egg implants into the uterus wall, it produces human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), a hormone that increases rapidly throughout early pregnancy. By measuring levels of hCG, almost all modern over-the-counter pregnancy tests detect whether a woman is pregnant up to six days overdue with her menstrual period – YEAH baby!

Some women realize their monthly visitor hasn’t arrived in approximately two weeks from conception until they take an at-home test — others claim they can “sense” something going on during those ever-joyful hours spent hovering over the toilet bowl every morning due to morning sickness symptoms.

The Basics: How Do I Know If I’m Pregnant?

Before we delve deeply into discovering just how early these pregnancy tests are capable of detecting hCG and other fun stuff we want answers/symptoms right now!

Let’s start things off by looking at what some common shared early signs and symptoms associated with being pregnant are:

  • Nausea
  • Breast tenderness
  • Fatigue/trouble sleeping through the night
  • Mood swings (watch out hubby!)
  • Cravings or aversions to certain foods
  • Slight spotting and mild cramping
  • Dizziness
  • Increased vaginal discharge

Note: These symptoms may vary from woman to woman. If there are any concerns, it’s recommended you speak with your doctor.

The Results Are In!

Let’s get down to business here, people – the results of early pregnancy tests! We’re not talking about weeks late for Aunt Flo or being a day late. We want quick answers/results in real-time!

First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test

Ah First Response, the holy grail of pee sticks! It has been around since forever — okay, maybe more like since the mid-90s when \u201CThe Rachel\u201D haircut had just become all the rage.\u00a0But they’ve come a long way baby! According to their own website’s research, FIRST RESPONSE detected hCG levels consistently sooner than other brands in clinical tests conducted by both independent clinics and later by manufacturers themselves.” So what does that mean? Do we have an answer yet?

First response can detect hCG as soon as five days before the start of your period – I know right; your mind is blown already… keep calm, don’t forget we mentioned earlier that most home kits can only pick up on these hormones about six days overdue menstrual periods. What distinguishes First Response from other standard test-kits is its ability to accurately recognize low amounts of hormonal presence as early signs within two minutes’ worth of waiting time.

Clearblue Early Detection

Alrighty then now let’s move onto Clearblue brand tests! This digital kit includes No more scrolling first thing in morning ‘am I reading this correctly?’ Finally some clarity at last!

ClearBlue also boasts speedy results in just 2 minutes. Although the time of reading mirror First Response their hCG detection capabilities are one day prior to your expected period start date.

Digital Pregnancy Tests – Staying One Step Ahead!

First Response has gotten into the digital game and created digital pregnancy tests that offer an “easy read” display which can be less ambiguous than traditional ones. Plus, let’s not forget they have an impressive ability to detect even small amounts of hCG in urine samples taken up to five days before a missed period. Talk about being ahead and hyper-vigilant on detecting signs you might make room for another baby/child… or dog/cat/bunny – we don’t judge here!

Take A Breath

It’s understandable — You’re anxious right now armed with knowledge so go forth and grab whichever test suits best (just restrict it down to these two!). Remember some early tests might not pick things up as soon as advertised but when dealing with testing-hormones it is likely better safe than wishing you did later when symptoms appear more obvious (or kicking yourself for wasting five dollars on a dud).

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