What post nasal drip feels like?

Have you ever felt like your nose is dripping from the back of your throat? While a runny nose can make anyone uncomfortable, Post Nasal Drip takes things to another level. This condition causes an incessant trickle of mucus running down the throat causing distress and unnecessary foul tastes. It’s particularly unpleasant, especially when it seems that nothing will stop it.

If you suffer from post-nasal drip, don’t panic! We’ve got you covered with everything there is to know about this affliction. In this article, we’ll guide through what on earth ‘post nasal drip’ feels like; its symptoms and possible treatments without making light of just how irritating it can be.

What Is Post Nasal Drip?

An amount of mucus produced by our nasal cavities trickles down at the backside oftentimes unnoticed resulting in mild soreness or tickling feeling in the throat region known logically as post-nasal drip (PND). PND is becoming increasingly common among people worldwide but remains one of those hard-to-pin-down syndromes that often go untreated due to self-medication or pure ignorance.

This type of infection occurs when excess sputum builds up in sinuses and triggers inflammation creating severe congestion characterized mostly by phlegm sticking around at entrances waiting for droplet eviction into the lower airways beside other damages such as prolonged coughs.
– Causes

So How Does Post-Nasal Drip Feel Like?

We all have different experiences, but generally speaking: horrible!

You’ll feel an excessive accumulation oozing from rearward oral passages since mucous membranes located within nostrils generate more secretion than usual.Known medically as rhinorrhea,even though coined creatively, describes precisely what sufferers undergo almost every day while starving for some relief.
– What triggers it?


Post nasal drip can cause a number of uncomfortable symptoms including:

Symptom | Description
Coughing | Chronic cough that is usually worsened at night.
Nausea | A queasy feeling in the stomach and nausea are also common
Sore throat | Infections due to dripping mucus frequently result from redness or swelling causing sharp chest pains whenever swallowing food or drinks especially hot liquids.
Blocked Ears| PND can lead to eustachian tubes obstructed by mucus creating instances of hearing loss, popping ears even earaches.

As if those weren’t enough, post-nasal drip pain also manifests discomfort and distress among people who experience piling up phlegm which go hand-in-hand with foul smells, bad breaths invariably referred as halitosis at times.Smelling alters our emotional experiences, so this could make you feel exceptionally anxious while attending meetings preventively suggesting coughing episodes ruining presentations plus following unexpected sneezes appearing out-of-bounds rarely not sinking the Titanic.

Can Post Nasal Drip Be Treated?

Treatment possibilities vary depending on the underlying causes somehow intrinsically connected as allergies produce an overproduction of clear mucous whereas respiratory infections may produce yellowish tinges with green patches.

Numerous treatments exist for Post-Nasal Drip some natural remedies like Gargling Saltwater; having adequate hydration; taking a steamy bath taking phenylephrine for temporary relief has proven effective duielect your circumstances discussed pragmatically during doctor visits.


Don’t waste another day feeling miserable because all hope isn’t lost! Fortunately,PND doesn’t have to be a lifelong sentence. It’s time break free from this affliction schedule appointment with ENT specialist getting recommendations based upon whether allergens,mold,pollution,,etc.to reduce exposure.

Remember, laughter is the best medicine. Especially when accompanied by a thorough understanding of post-nasal drip which can help combat mental distress associated with it; just because PND doesn’t come with visible signs other than frequent blowing noses and sneezing doesn’t mean it’s not serious.

So here’s to hoping this article offered you insight into living your life without constantly reach for tissues or holding out hands looking like one of those Renaissance paintings!

There will be brighter days ahead free off annoying trickles making us feel as if we are drowning in showers of snot whereby moments leading up, get ample rest stay hydrated irrespective bodies trying to cling every last fluid line drifting down backside throat following sinus inhalation or exhalations.

Take care!

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