What piercing should i get filter?

Are you tired of having a boring look? Do you crave some tongue-piercing adventure in your life? Well, my friends, today we’re going to tackle an age-old question: what piercing should I get?

Choosing the perfect piercing can be overwhelming – there are so many options out there! But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ll break down everything from placement to pain levels and even give our personal bold recommendations. So buckle up (or rather unbuckle your pants because sitting is about to get unpleasant) and let’s dive into the world of piercings!

Consider Your Lifestyle

Before jumping straight into choosing a piercing it is important to take note of lifestyle factors. You want something that will go well with how you spend most of your time.

Office Worker

If you’re like Joe from Accounting who spends 9-5 chained behind a desk trying not fall asleep on his keyboard then this section applies directly to you…

Option 1: Ear Piercings\
Ear piercings are the go-to for office workers because they tend to not cause much trouble at work except when co-workers forget their own strength hugs hurt more than anything pierced ever could…

Option 2: Nostril Piercing\
If any type of facial piercing must be had then nostril piercings would be next(after considering company policy). They aren’t very noticeable unless someone gets exceptionally close or stares at photos of people’s noses like some crazed creep which makes them ideal for while networking or leading meetings.

Athletic / Active Persons

Are running marathons part fo every day life Burt Mackerkopf Jr.? Then here’s what ya need…

Option 1: Tongue/Webbing Pierciaing\
Tongue and webbing (below the tongue) piercings require minimal healing time unlike surface-level piercings making them a perfect option for athletes. They also won’t get caught in any equipment like the tale of when Lenny got his shirt stuck on a saw machine because he forgot his piercings were not removable clothing.

Option 2: Nipple Piercing\
Nipple piercings are known to increase nipple sensitivity, which means your workout (or woohoo time) will be that much more enjoyable. Additionally, their position does not make them extra susceptible to getting caught on anything during sports or workouts as long as you’re mindful of snug fitting athletic gear and/or maybe investing in thicker fabric they help support the gals.

But wait! Are nipple piercings just an excellent choice for people living an active lifestyle? Well bubba-boy, let’s move onto our next section shall we?

Consider How Your Piercing Will Look

You want your piercing to reflect your personality and perhaps it should even enhance certain features about you!

If You Have Bangs

Do bangs essentially obscure half of everything above that super tweezer style rectangle smiley mark? Then go with…

Option: Eyebrow|
What better way than drawing attention upwards than piercing something up there. Just enough flesh visible protruding out from under ya fringe saying “hell yeah!” without fully knocking off any socks!

If You Want Natural Sex Appeal

We all know what Marilyn Monroe was talking about when she said ‘A Smile is the Best Makeup Any Girl Can Wear’ but sometimes we need something other than a smile…that’s where this comes into play…

Option: Dermal Anchors\
Dermals can provide sex-appeal almost anywhere but particularly effective around claw-like necklaces or chokers while remaining low key yet high class looking. Fun fact; Derma Anchor’ popularity declines directly related to Ugg Boot sales numbers..

For those who prefer less obvious ways:

Option 1 | Multiple Ear Piercings\
The multiple ear piercing route is often a popular choice among those looking for sex-positivity so go ham, get them gauges or if you have really empty ears try an entire drum kit up there!

Option 2 | Nasal Septum\
Have you ever thought to yourself: “You know what would make me look like a badass biker? How about some metal in my nose?” Well, the more subtle approach of nasal septum piercings provides just enough edge without going overboard. Just don’t accidentally inhale it while doing any lines (which brings us to our next section)

Think About Pain Levels

Look, we aren’t gonna sugarcoat things here. All piercings require puncturing your body and that’s not supposed to be enjoyable… But before getting one ask yourself…”How much pain are ya’ll willing tolerate?”

Low Tolerance

Are you the type of person who has never given blood because needles scare the sh-
well let’s assume that’s the case then we got two options which can give beach ball size bruises …

Option 1: Navel Piercing(s)\
A navel piercing might just do it; many folks report only feeling mild discomfort akin to someone flickin’ their belly button but will still provide something eye easy on tanning vacations.

Option 2: Tragus Piercing\
Next on list is tragus which can cause a jolt when being pierced but wink out those tears soon after isn’t that neat?

But WAIT! What if this low tolerance is all LIES?! Let’s move onto…

High Tolerance

For those with high tolerances towards anything including gravity-defying heat check out these fearless choices…

Option 1: Genitalia or Nipple Piercing \
Just hear us out okay – These areas contain an ultra-thin layer of skin meaning they’re very quick and relatively painless to pierce! Well uh…on a serious note, some people do report experiencing pain that ranges anywhere between mild discomfort to screams of agony.

Option 2: Cartilage Piercing(s)\
Cartilage piercings are not for the faint hearted but have potential for becoming your own personal badge of honour. Hear us loud and clear kids, correct after care is key or you’ll be coming back in with an infection big enough to overthrow medieval kingdoms.


Choosing a piercing depends on various factors such as pain tolerance, lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. Hopefully this guide has given you the confidence to go forth into a world full of metal opportunities (and perhaps piqued your interest too).

Be mindful that everyone’s body is different which affects healing times also so ensure going through all possible precautions beforehand even figuring what’s appropriate where because nobody wants their sea creature caught in something ungodly inappropriate ever again right Karen?

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