What other forms of birth control besides pills?

Let’s cut to the chase – babies are cute and all, but they require a lot of work. If you’re not ready for that kind of commitment, then birth control is your savior. While pills may be the most common form of contraception out there due to their effectiveness and convenience, there are plenty of other options available if that’s not your cup of tea.

Hormonal Methods

Hormones can do wonders (or wreak havoc) on our bodies in many ways, including preventing pregnancy! Here are some hormonal options besides pills:

The Patch

Think about it as a nicotine patch but instead with hormones – put it on once a week and forget about it for the rest. Make sure you rotate where you place it so that scabs don’t become part of your daily routine.

Vaginal Ring (it’s exactly what you think)

It’s like a mini-hoop earring made out of hormones that goes inside your vagina for three weeks straight before taking it out once per month; time to help keep track has never really occupied planners ever since birth control options have gone staple!


Surely an acne injection session worth repeating – this involves getting shots every three months from your healthcare provider at specified intervals determined by them only just because why not add humor in here? Who knows? You might find someone who laughs around after going through painful sessions.

Barrier Methods

There’s no better way to visualize protection than this – imagine any object obstructing anything else coming close or penetrating within what we want protected: condoms also function similarly as barrier methods. Here are some common categorizations under barrier method contraceptives:

Condoms (both male/female types included)

Condoms come in two fashionable styles- sheath-like membrane for men or pouch-like devices women can insert snugly from groups such as Trojan, Durex, Lifestyles Classic or Skyn.


It’s like a personalized cap for your cervix. You’ll need help from a physician to fit it so that it’ll be comfortable and effective. Afterward, look up tutorials on how to use “tennis stretches” whilst trying this underappreciated method!

Cervical Cap

A different take with the previous one, mostly because cervical caps are pretty much as heart-shaped or circular in ideation you can get for something devoid of any lovey-dovey context. A doctor would have to spend money (and sanity) on figuring out the shape and size you need compared to anyone aware of their genital proportions.

Intrauterine Devices (IUDs)

If you’re looking for something that just stays put without fussing around with placement or timing every day/ week/month IUD’s might be perfect!

Hormonal IUDs

They’re akin to having hormones during menstruation – less crampage plus no babies! Win-win? Yup!

As they prevent fertilized eggs from implantation inside the uterus whereas copper-based IUD’s kill sperm cells directly – Pure brutality!!


People who want permanent solutions will consider sterilization procedure:

Tubal ligation(women)

This involves cutting the fallopian tubes so ovulation eggs cannot travel towards making babies anymore: talk about being serious about not reproducing.


The process takes only 20 minutes tops; what could go wrong? The case where anything goes is unusually remote but always consult a qualified specialist before getting into any such treatment/surgery/procedure.


Regardless if we chose pills before reading this piece – all these birth control techniques served an essential purpose given various underlying factors influencing our decision-making abilities affecting them through already tight schedules/dieting issues/rigorous gym sessions. With all that in mind, it only serves as a reminder of how important our own preferences and lifestyles are – there’s always something for everyone from sterilizations to cervical caps!