What organ under left rib?

Have you ever felt a pain or discomfort under your left rib? Did you wonder what organ might be located there? Let’s dive deep into the mysteries of human anatomy to find out!

The Context of our Journey

Before we endeavor on this exciting adventure, let’s recognize some facts about our body. You probably know that humans have two lungs, one heart, and multiple organs in their abdominal cavity. Now, focus your attention on the upper part of your stomach; imagine a zone precisely where it meets with your rib cage.

Spleen: A Companion for Life

The first companion that comes to mind when talking about left-sided pain beneath the ribs is the spleen. This mighty little intraperitoneal (located inside the peritoneum) organ measures around 12 cm long by 7 cm wide by 4 cm thick (that’s slightly smaller than an average eggplant).

Spleen Functionality

Although small in size, its tasks are not insignificant—this soft tissue is responsible for producing vital blood cells such as white blood cells which determine our immune system strength, platelets which can help stop bleeding caused by abrasion or cuts and red-blood cells which transport oxygen throughout ou bodies. Additionally, it also plays a role in breaking down old or damaged red blood cells.

Treasuring Our Blood

Your friendly neighborhood spleen holds up to roughly 450 ml of blood at any given moment through splenic vasculature canal ships from four different directions – shall I repeat that slowly again ¯\(ツ)

Don’t Bother Attempting To Find Your Own Spleen In Any Pictures…

If finding organs were as easy as hide-and-seek games in books kids tend to play with unicorn stickers these days- locating ones own rightly placed internal filters would be less concerning (and no horror stories involved)!


However, if you’re still unsure if yours is doing alright- a spleenectomy – fancy way of saying ‘hello scalpel at my doorstep’ would certainly let you know! Although due to its essentiality and functional capabilities probably not the most recommended option.

Crying in Pain? It could be A Sign Of Pancreatitis

Let us move on from spleen talk to our next probable accused of pain under left ribs – The Pancreas– it bears a length of around 18 cm (equivalent size when closely observed) with tail located below the splenic flexure. While covering nearly from ear to toe when stretched out- We’ll spare all those details for now though.

What Does It Do?

Our little buddy does wonders with digestive juice production that consists of bicarbonate juices (provides neutralization liquid environment away from acidity), enzymes which help macronutrient digestion like protein, carbohydrate or fats known as proteases/amylase/lipase respectively) that our intestines need while breaking down food attained by quintessential consumption in required quantity. But what happens if something goes wrong?

No More Juice!

Above mentioned scenario quite frankly doesn’t sound too pleasing especially since it leads to inflammation in pancreas itself causing pancreatitis. While typical symptoms include sharp stabbing abdominal pain and diarrhea along with hormonal highs and lows leaving one slightly disorientated.

Pancreatic Cancer – An Unfortunate Possibility

Furthermore pancreatic cancer incidence rates are slowly but steadily rising among adults usually after the age bracket exceeds about fifty-five including risk factors associated being obesity, hypertension, smoking or alcohol intake. Therefore monitoring your health & lifestyle holistically can benefit over time rather than procrastinating till then!

Fingers Crossed: Not The Stomach Or Colon Now…. Pinky Promise?

Another possibility for pain under the left rib cage could be as simple as an upset stomach, gas buildup, or something far less severe like a muscle strain. However some causes aren’t always such smooth sailings; because pancreas and spleen both sit adjacent to signature digestive organs including stomach and colon, bowel inflammation can also pop up!

GERD wohoo!

I know you’re exhilarated by now after hearing gastrointestinal related abnormalities, which most commonly include Gastroesophageal Reflux Disorder (GERD)– better known as ‘acid reflux’. Symptoms include heartburn (not related to emotion here), regurgitation and potential nausea because neither giving in nor vomiting has been perfected into daily routine- this is bound to happen eventually…¯\(ツ)

Crunchy-Sour Goodness

Blame it on the junk food we all so professionally cave in for these days with half-baked diets. So best advice? Afar from consulting your friendly neighbourhood doctor if believe experiencing aforementioned symptoms – switch up that diet with healthy crunchy alternatives! Adequate hydration doesn’t hurt too.

Gluten-Free vs Dairy To The Death In Name of Health

While dietary preferences differ greatly among people out there one rule surely stands firm-where cutting back dairy & gluten consumption for risk of allergy reactions isn’t necessary unless clearly identified through testing rather than randomly closing doors on them!

Hey Kidneys Where Are You at?! Don’t Hide Out Now.

We’ve chatted long enough about bodily fluids & digestion but what’s still hiding behind those ribs waiting to be spoken about? Do not fear dear friends – Calling out our comrade on duty – Ladies & Gentlemen: please welcome Kidney’s to center stage…..sorry was that extreme enthusiasm induced?

Ready Steady Put Those Gloves On… Wait What Was That About Kidney Stones?

One, Two or sometimes kidneys in masse can become infested with kidney stone(s) that develop due to low water intake leading to excess concentration of solutes (specially calcium oxalate crystals) along preventing proper drainage. The sharp pain arising from these stones is amongst the worst pains a human body can experience – ranking up there with childbirth and breaking bones, no jokes here people!

Its Bloating Time: Passing gas… Gases….. Gasbag- I Give Up, Answer Please?

Apart from kidney stones multiple other factors also contributing towards left sided rib discomfort could be pelvic inflammatory disease, menstrual cramps for females out there and twisted ovaries… In one sentence please summarize all above explanations?

Summarizing : Left-Sided Pain Under Ribs

It’s important my friends- that we communicate any intensive symptoms or unusual physical experiences we may encounter over time as serious conditions cannot always be ruled out when it comes down to your bodily health & well being thus seeking medical attention sooner than later might just do the trick!

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