What organ is on the left side under the ribs?

Are you feeling a bit uneasy, nauseated or just having that odd sensation around your left side, beneath your ribs? Well, it could be harmless or something more severe. Nevertheless, let’s delve into what exactly resides in that region of your body.

The Positioning of Organs: An Overview

We’ll first start with an overview of what organs generally rest under the rib cage. There are several vital organs located in this area:
– Stomach
– Spleen
– Left kidney
– Pancreas
– Large and small intestine

As these major organs come together like a mosh-pit concert to make room within the closed space beneath your rib cage, it can be hard to determine which one is causing a ruckus and creating problems for you.

Oh My! Causes for Discomfort

If there is any disturbance such as inflammation or injury caused due to internal issues occurring inside these delicate superstars of yours (organs), then brace yourself because discomfort surely awaits!
Here are some potential causes:

Inflamed Spleen

Your spleen performs many functions including cleaning up blood cells by removing old red & white blood cells from circulation. However, at times it can undergo swelling referred to as Splenomegaly (which sounds like a spell casted by Dumbledore). This may cause shoulder pain alongside fullness/discomfort experienced below the left zone of ribs.

Kidney Stones Can Take Your Breath Away

If you’ve ever had them (I wouldn’t wish them upon my worst enemy!), then you must know how debilitating they can become.
Those tiny yet oh-so painful “pebbles” build-up within your kidneys; obstructing all paths not meant for intruders thus making their way through various narrow areas while injuring anything that gets in their way – enter excruciating pain below the ribs.

Stomach Ulcers…Ewe!

Some of you may be saying what in the world is an ulcer? Well, friend, it’s a sore that takes up residency within your stomach lining. They can sneak up on unsuspecting victims and are often caused due to a type of bacteria – Helicobacter Pylori (sounds like something straight out of a horror flick!)– residing inside our stomachs.
This wretched plague causes inflammation and irritation which results in burning pain beneath the left rib cage.

How About Spleen Rupture?

As previously described above, when your spleen enlarges improperly (most commonly termed as Splenic Rupture), it can potentially rupture at any moments notice thus causing sharp pains under one’s left ribs along with other symptoms such as lightheadedness & fainting (cue dramatic music)

### Blunted Your Pancreas
Pancreatitis- a condition whereby your pancreas (yes! another amazing organ) suffers from inflammation. It normally occurs due to excessive alcohol consumption or gallstones surfacing; leaving discomfort masquerading under your left-sided lower portion (underneath those trusty ribs) being just one symptom found in this painful ordeal.

Bigger Culprits?

While minor issues won’t make you feel great, they typically don’t cause major concern – however some disorders should not be overlooked. Here are some notorious illnesses associated with upper abdominal pain:

Heart Attack …Really?

As much as we all want to avoid thinking about heart attacks, these silent killers must not be ignored.
Although pains would typically occur within more popular areas e.g arms/jaw/etc.; nonetheless persistent discomfort beneath those delightful rib cages could still arise being symptomatic of myocardial infarction happening either partially/fully blocking blood flow towards coronary arteries near our hearts (ughh… scary stuff!)

Think Colon Polyps

If frequency of bowel movements has changed or you experience rectal bleeding, then it’s time for a check-up – those symptoms may indicate colon cancer.

The Doctor is Your Best Bet

We strongly suggest that if pain persists and quality of life becomes affected in any way shape or form, get yourself assessed by trained medical professionals.
It could be anything from minor discomfort to potentially serious situations – seeking advice quickly could save you from possible negative outcomes.

In Conclusion

Well folks there you have it! We’ve presented you with an overview of what organs are situated beneath your rib cage & the potential reasons behind inexplicable tenderness under the left-side area.
Keep this knowledge close to your heart (or under your ribs) as “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

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