What Not To Wear Updates?

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Are you tired of being told what not to wear without any explanations or solutions? Do you want insider tips from the experts themselves? Look no further! This section will uncover the best-kept secrets from the hit TV show ‘What Not to Wear’. Get ready to transform your wardrobe and boost your confidence!

What Not To Wear Updates?
What Not To Wear Updates?

Q&A with Stacy London and Clinton Kelly

Q: What inspired you to create ‘What Not to Wear’?

Clinton: “Stacy and I met at a magazine where we were both working as fashion editors. We realized that people had a lot of misconceptions about dressing for their body type, age, occupation, etc. We wanted to help them understand how clothing could work for them instead of against them. “

Stacy: “Plus, we saw so many people making basic mistakes that made us cringe. It was frustrating because we knew they could look so much better with just a little bit of guidance. “

Q: What is one mistake people often make when shopping for clothes?

Stacy: “People tend to buy clothes based on trends or what they see on others without considering whether it actually flatters their body type or suits their lifestyle. It’s important to focus on fit and function first before anything else. “

Clinton: “Another common mistake is buying too much quantity over quality. Investing in well-made pieces that will last longer can save you money in the long run and elevate your overall style. “

Q: Can you share an example of a successful makeover from the show?

Clinton: “There are so many! One that comes to mind is Sarah in season 3. She was a busy mom who didn’t have time for herself or her appearance anymore. We helped her find clothes that were comfortable yet stylish and gave her hair some much-needed volume and texture.

Stacy: “Another memorable one for me is Mindy in season 9. She had a unique sense of style but struggled to make it work for her body shape. We showed her how to balance proportion and color, and she ended up looking like a rockstar. “

Q: What advice do you have for someone trying to find their personal style?

Stacy: “Try on everything! Even things that may not seem like they would suit you at first glance. You never know until you try.

Clinton: “Also, don’t be afraid to break the rules or take risks. Fashion should be fun and reflective of your personality. “

Top secrets from ‘What Not to Wear’

  • Invest in proper undergarments: A good bra and shapewear can revolutionize your silhouette.
  • Tailor your clothes: Almost no clothing item fits perfectly right off the rack- invest an extra amount by tailoring them.
  • Mix high-end items with affordable ones: Your outfit doesn’t have to consist completely of designer clothes; mix up the price points for balance!
  • Accessorize thoughtfully: Accessories can elevate any outfit, but too many or clashing accessories will bring down even the best dressed ensemble.
  • Don’t cling onto outdated pieces: Just because something was trendy two years ago does not mean it belongs in today’s wardrobe.
  • Dress for yourself, not others : Trends keep changing every now and then but classic styles always remain fashionable & versatile over time!

These are just a few of the insider tips from ‘What Not to Wear. ‘ Remember that dressing well is all about expressing your individuality while flattering your unique features. Experimentation is key – just ask Stacy and Clinton! Take these secrets with you as inspiration as you tackle revamping your own wardrobe, trust us its worth all hassle!

Top clothing trends to avoid

When it comes to fashion, everyone has their own unique style. However, there are some clothing trends that should be avoided at all costs. Here, we will discuss the top clothing trends that you should stay away from if you don’t want to look like a fashion disaster.

What is a clothing trend?

Before diving into the latest and greatest clothing trends, let’s define what a trend is. A trend is essentially an overall movement in fashion that many people follow for a certain period of time.

Why do people follow fashion trends?

People follow fashion trends for various reasons – sometimes to fit in with a certain social group or culture, other times as an expression of creativity or individuality. Whatever the reason may be, it’s important to remember that just because something is trendy doesn’t necessarily mean it looks good on everyone.

Trend#1: Neon Colors

While neon colors can look incredible when done right, they are often overused and overdone. Remember those rave parties from the 90s? Yeah. . . neon overload!

Pro-tip: If you must wear neon colors, go with just one piece at a time and pair it with neutral tones.

Trend#2: Tie-Dye Everything

Although tie-dye had its moment in the sun during the hippie era of the ’60s and ’70s, some people still haven’t moved on from this style. Unfortunately today tie-dye has been used too much on everything leading to an assault on your eyes when walking down streets full packed with ultra bright colours.

Pro-tip: Keep things simple with tie-dye sneakers or even items such as headbands. %2E99%20AUD%E2%80%A8%0A)

Trend#3: Baggy Clothing

Baggy clothes are comfortable but wearing outfits three sizes too big for you simply makes you look sloppy. While the oversized trend has been making a comeback in recent years, it’s important to choose your pieces wisely and make sure they still fit well.

Pro-tip: Try pairing an oversized shirt with slim-fit pants/jeans that highlight your silhouette.

Trend#4: Crop Tops for Every Occasion

Crop tops may seem like the perfect piece of clothing for hot weather – but they are not practical options for everyday wear. Unless you’re hitting up a beach or enjoying some quality time at home, crop tops just don’t work in most settings. .

Pro-tip: A good way to adapt this fashion is by wearing high-waisted pants/jeans along with them.

Trend#5: Shorts That Are Too Short

While summers can get blistering hot especially around tropical regions, it doesn’t necessarily mean that shorts should always be worn; plus there are ways of dressing down without showing too much skin. Club runners or bike shorts could save your life these summers This is especially true if the shorts in question barely cover your backside! Take note that public decency laws vary from place to place

Pro-tip: Opt for more loose breathable fabrics like linen and remember sometimes less is actually more when it comes style.

Fashion trends come and go, but personal style remains timeless. It’s important not to lose our sense of individuality while trying to keep up with what’s popular today because ultimately feeling confident in what we wear is key. Keep all these tips in mind next time before filling out your cart online or scrolling social media feeds aimlessly looking at photos of influencers who can pull anything off. . . except maybe walking onto planes during pandemics!

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Revamping Your Wardrobe: Dos and Don’ts

Are you tired of opening your closet every day to see the same old outfits staring back at you? Do you want to revamp your wardrobe but don’t know where to start? Then buckle up, buttercup, because it’s time for some fashion advice. In this section, we’ll cover everything from what clothes to get rid of, how to mix and match different pieces, and even some tips on shopping for new items. So let’s get started!


First things first – let’s talk about what you should do when revamping your wardrobe.

1. Assess what you have

Before going out and buying a bunch of new clothes, take the time to assess what you already own. Go through your closet and make three piles – keep, donate/sell, and throw away. Keep the items that fit well and are still in style. Donate or sell items that no longer fit or haven’t been worn in over a year. And throw away anything that is damaged beyond repair .

2. Mix and match

One mistake people frequently make when trying to refresh their wardrobe is forgetting about versatility- i. e. , being able to style multiple outfits with one item without looking like they wore the same thing repeatedly . Try pairing items together that are not necessarily meant for each other-you’d be surprised by how well they might look.
This doesn’t only increase individuality; sometimes it leads us down an entirely new path which transforms our previous mundane/let’s just say ‘uninspired’ outfits.

3. Add statement pieces

While it may seem daunting at first adding bold pieces can add personality & charisma into any outfit! Accessorize with earrings or scarfs/bags/shoes whatever standouts -creating balance whilst standing makes us feel confident.

4. Invest in staples

Save your serious shopping till it comes to wardrobe essentials, pieces you can match with several others for a clean minimalistic look that makes life easier . It’s worth splurging on good quality basics like blazers/little black dress/jeans/pants etcetera Most of these would provide longevity and are wearable at any event.


Now let’s talk about what not to do when revamping your wardrobe.

1. Go overboard with trends

Adding trendy new items is always cool but don’t fill up the entire wardrobe all at once! As much as trends come and go, style lasts forever- so try not to go broke buying clothes that’ll only be relevant until next month!

2. Shop impulsively

If you’re trying to spend less money overall while also decluttering the closet then avoid impulse purchases Have a plan before hitting the store once we’re inside, best to browse for current updates similar colors/textures rather than purchasing anything too extreme.

3. Don’t forget Basics!

This bears repeating: Basic items such as comfy jeans, simple tees/tops and versatile jackets will never go out of fashion/style. Everyone needs them-they would make dressing up for casual events-work days-simply more comfortable


Q: How do I know if an item is worth keeping in my closet?
A: Ask yourself if you’ve worn this item within the past year AND if it still physically fits. If either or both are no seek donation/selling-is an option.
An exception could apply to exceptional unique clothings depending on personal preferences

Q: How often should I update my wardrobe?
A: There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, but it varies per individual. Throughout the year we may have special events/holidays/parties that require specific outfits or perhaps a change in location/weather – but if all is good then styling occasionally could keep your style fresh.

Q: What’s more important – quality or quantity when it comes to clothes?
A: A balance of both should suffice-investment pieces like blazers/sweaters are incredibly affordable and won’t rip apart quickly compared to cheaper others with some good ease!

Revamping your wardrobe can be exciting and lead you down new fashion paths while still holding on to comfort; You don’t need Oprah-level wealth spending thousands for style upgrades. Slowly & steadily revamp through bold statements/staples, mixing&matching & tossing out old stuff. It’s time to break boundaries with what was previously dull those vibrant lively colors want unique looks should go after accessories that make an outfit pop!. Remember these Dos and Don’ts next time you clean out your closet, happy shopping!

Fashion Faux Pas: Common Style Mistakes

Fashion is not just an outer expression of your personality; it’s a language that communicates who you are. With that said, fashion is also subjective, and people often make mistakes. You can’t please everyone with your sense of style, but there are some common fashion faux pas that anyone can avoid.

Wearing Clothes That Don’t Fit Perfectly

By the name itself, clothes should “fit” to perfection. Whenever a person chooses to wear ill-fitting clothes or accessories, it kills the whole vibe and speaks volumes about how they perceive themselves- not in a good way. From tight shirts that outline one’s obsession with junk food to loose trousers concealing real body curves – these fashion disasters have no end.

Pro-tip: Find out what fits best for you and stick to those sizes. Insecurities only hold us back from presenting ourselves as awesome individuals.

Matching Everything

A monochromatic look doesn’t always mean dressing up in similar colors from head-to-toe head-to-toe matching outfits do not hit right with anyone unless you’re attending a costume party or making a statement for supporting Cancer Research UK! Rather than being fashionable, this method looks too planned-out and somewhat labored over.

Pro-tip: Mix color palettes whenever possible; don’t shy away from pairing certain hues together.

Overdoing Trends

The runway looks may be trending every year during Fashion Weeks, but it does not imply that people have gotta follow them religiously with their entire wardrobe. Most trends are seasonal phenomena designed exactly to sell more clothing items faster rather than appealing style values alone. For instance: Harem pants might look chic on models on Turkish Catwalks but on runways elsewhere will be tagged under “cringe-worthy. “

Pro-tip: Follow trends selectively according to what compliments your unique tastes.

Misaligned Accessories

Accessories need to blend in nicely with an individual’s outfit, it is just like seasoning a meal for taste. Over-accessorizing or wearing pieces that do not harmonize well with the entire collection alters nothing but make you look overpowering and too dramatic.

Pro-tip: Accessorize with charisma – remember less is more.

Wearing Swimwear as Outerwear

This trend has been visible on Instagram feeds! People tend to simply go out in swimwear, which was meant for beaches/pools only. They do not realize how inappropriate it looks outside of these domains. It leaves everyone wondering: Are they making punishment for littering the beach?

Pro-Tip: Just- Don’t Do It!


What are some popular fashion styles?

Fashion styles come from various regions and cultures worldwide merging through time creating unique styles such as:

  • Parisian Chic
  • Grunge
  • Street Style
  • Boho-Chic
  • The Modern Gentleman.

Each style represents different personalities presented via wardrobe preferences. Keep prepared to try new flavors!

How can I boost my sense of fashion?

Boost your Fashion IQ by following these simple steps listed below:

1) Start exploring new trends;
2) Find your preferred “messy-style”;
3) Embrace asymmetrical styling;
4) Say Hello to Comfortable but fashionable garments;
5) Keep in mind simplicity says it all!
6) Swap-and-share inspiration with friends.

Remember, fashion isn’t necessarily about impressing people; its main goal is illuminating each person’s idea of themselves; thus being authentic plays a vital role in this process.

Can chunky jewelry save me a bad-hair day?

Although chunkier jewelry gives charismatic flavor into outfits on specific occasions or weather conditions, it certainly does not help much when having greasy hair lying flat over one side of someone’s face; Pick up an anti-grease kit and some dry shampoo instead, don’t forget the hair ties either!

Is it ever okay to mix stripes with plaids?

Mixing prints can be tricky; however, nothing screams fashion more than a well-executed pattern pairing. Various stylists worldwide are exploring stripe and plaid combos to complement their looks seamlessly. The key point is not getting too obsessive over them! Choose patterns that blend harmoniously!

In conclusion, while some of these faux pas seem amusing, they play a significant role in depicting one’s image through style choices. Fashion is subjective creativity that defines how comfortable people feel in their own skins- Express yourself in any way you please without breaking any global fashion laws mentioned above – Develop your unique sense of Fashion while avoiding traditional blunders to dazzle everyone around you!

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