What medicine is good for liver pain?

The best known medication that can damage the liver is acetaminophen, also known as Tylenol®. This medication is widely available without prescription and is present in many of the cold and flu remedies sold in drugstores as well as in prescription pain medications.

What is the worst medication for liver? Any NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) can cause liver injury, although it’s very rare. This class of medications includes popular drugs like ibuprofen and naproxen. But when it comes to liver injury, diclofenac is the NSAID with the highest risk.

What is home remedy for liver pain? Treating Mild Liver Pain at Home Drink lots of warm water. In some cases, liver pain can be relieved by hydrating your body. Take pressure off the liver. If you are feeling pain in your liver, you can often relieve some of it by positioning your body differently. Avoid fatty, fried, and rich foods.

How do you reduce liver pain? First, milk thistle can incorporate itself into the liver cells and prevent the absorption of toxins into the cells. Second, milk thistle is a potent antioxidant that prevents oxidative damage in the liver tissue. Third, milk thistle actually helps repair damaged liver cells.

What drugs damage liver? These may range from common drugs like acetaminophen (fever remedy) that may lead to liver failure in overdoses. Some drugs that lower cholesterol like Statins and Niacin also damage the liver. Other liver damaging drugs include nitrofurantoin, tetracycline, isoniazid (antibiotics) or Methotrexate (anti-cancer drug).

Amoxicillin/clavulanate (Augmentin)

Amoxicillin/clavulanate (Augmentin)

Amoxicillin/clavulanate (Augmentin). Augmentin is an antibiotic used for bronchitis, sinus and throat infections. Liver damage from Augmentin can occur shortly after you start taking it, though signs of liver injury are often detected even after you’ve stopped the…


Amoxicillin Potassium Clavulanate (Augmentin) – Augmentin is an antibiotic commonly used to treat bronchitis, throat infections and sinus infections. Augmentin has been shown to cause liver injury, with damage occurring shortly after the medication is started. If you are prescribed Augmentin to fight an infection, make sure to…

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Anti-seizure medications. Anti-seizure medications are generally a problem, as several anti-epileptic medications can cause liver damage. Dilantin (phenytoin) can cause liver damage shortly after you start taking it, which is why you will need regular lab tests to monitor your liver functioning. Carbamazepine and lamotrigine…


Isoniazid. If you have a positive tuberculosis (TB) skin test, you might get a prescription for 3 to 6 months of isoniazid (a.k.a. isonicotinylhydrazide or INH therapy). INH is a well-known cause of acute liver injury, which occurs weeks to months after you start treatment. Since alcohol can also cause liver damage, you…


Methotrexate. Methotrexate, used for many conditions—including certain cancers, rheumatoid arthritis, and ectopic pregnancy—requires regular lab tests to monitor the liver. Liver toxicity is a relatively common side effect of this medication. 10) Risperidone (Risperdal) and quetiapine (Seroquel). Risperidone (Risperdal) and…

Amoxicillin Potassium Clavulanate (brand names

Amoxicillin Potassium Clavulanate (brand names: Augmentin, Augmentin ES-600, Augmentin XR) Augmentin, an antibiotic commonly used to treat bronchitis, throat infections, and sinus infections, has been shown to cause liver

What medicines are bad for Your Liver? Some drugs that lower cholesterol like Statins and Niacin also damage the liver. Other liver damaging drugs include nitrofurantoin, tetracycline, isoniazid (antibiotics) or Methotrexate (anti-cancer drug). Some herbal drugs also damage the liver.

What is the worst pain reliever for Your Liver? 1) Acetaminophen (Tylenol) Acetaminophen works well as a fever reducer and pain reliever but is one of the most common causes of medication-related liver failure. Of the liver failure cases attributed to medications, more than a third are due to acetaminophen.

What OTC pain Med is best with liver disease? Unfortunately there are no concrete guidelines regarding the usage of OTC or prescription pain medications in patients with chronic liver disease. This literature review revealed that the preferred opiates in liver disease are hydromorphone and fentanyl , since they have a shorter half-life and have less harmful side effects on the renal system.

What medications can affect the liver? There are other medications, such as Tylenol (acetaminophen) which can cause damage to your liver if you take more than the recommended amount. Taking 3000mg or more of Tylenol (acetaminophen) can cause liver damage.