What medicine dissolves gallstones?

Have you ever wondered what’s behind that excruciating pain beyond your right rib cage? Well, buckle up, because we’re about to take a journey into the world of gallstones and explore the mysterious ways of medicine in dissolving those pesky stones.

Understanding Gallstones is Not Rocket Science

First things first, let’s understand what gallstones are. In simple terms, they are hardened deposits of bile – a fluid produced by your liver to help digest fats – which can form in your gallbladder or bile ducts. They vary in size but can be as tiny as sand grains or as big as golf balls (ouch!). And if you thought giving birth is one heck of an experience for women only, try passing these mini-stones through your urinary system – both genders included!

Symptoms That Will Make You Wish You Were Just Constipated

Now that we know what they look like, how do these little suckers make us feel? The symptoms range from feeling like someone punched you just below where it really hurts (‘hypochondria’, anyone?) to making Nostradamus’ prophecy of doom sound unsubstantial:

  • Pain after eating
  • Fever and chills
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Yellowing skin (also known as jaundice)

Oh joy! Now pass me some gold star stickers for enduring all that.

Say NO To Surgery

When diagnosed with gallstones our first instinct might lead us down the surgical path followed by pre-surgery panic attacks; Do NOT go gentle into that invasive operating room! There are non-invasive options out there.

Lets See How Medical Doctors Tackle This Issue!

With modern-day medical science being on top its game there must surely be other methods besides surgery? — Yes indeed. Here comes Ursodeoxycholic Acid aka UDCA (God bless its abbreviation) – a drug that can dissolve gallstones. UDCA is a naturally occurring bile acid and can be prescribed by your doctor (please no googling those online adds, they are only going to show you shoes)

A DIY Remedy You Can’t Ignore

For the homeopathic-loving hippies out there (not judging), breathing in their direction comes the European pennyroyal plant! The aromatic leaves of this little green plant have (‘Accidental-ingesting-warning’) been used for centuries as medicine. Given orally or rubbed onto sore joints it seems like it’s multi-functional, but we’re focusing on dissolving gallstones here.

Diet Your Way Out Of It!

If you’re more inclined towards taking over-the-counter medications and looking for ways to prevent gallstones from cropping up again, then diet may just be what you’re looking for.

Citric Acid- An Overachiever In Disguise

Citric acid has amazing health benefits including pH regulation, antimicrobial properties and hesaploids — (Yep, I made that one up!) But did you know it also helps dissolve calcium-based bile stones? Have some lemonade which is rich in citrates or squeeze some fresh lemons into your tea once in awhile – your taste buds will love it too!

Some Basic Foods To Keep em’ Stones At Bay:

Here’s a list of foods that could help keep dem’ stones at bay:
– Fruits
– Apples
– Pears
– Oranges
– Vegetables
– Broccoli
– Cabbage
Olive oil
(Gosh even typing out diets gives me anxiety)

Medical Procedures For People Who Are On Top Of Their Game

We’ve covered UDCA but there are other (Wanted: Big sounding medical words) medical procedures available if your dietary attempt becomes an epic failure.

ESWL – Excessively Sound Wave Lovely? Hardly, but it does the job

The shock-wave procedure loosens and breaks the stones into smaller pieces. These tiny fractions are then expelled through urine over a few weeks or so. Now this might sound painful, having me picture myself as Quasimodo getting electric shocks while strapped to bed… But trust me; doctors promise it’s not that bad.

ERCP – Endi what now?

ERCP stands for endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (Phew! Even machine guns have shorter names) This is an invasive medical procedure used primarily to treat gallstones in bile ducts. The idea here is to find and remove (transferring wording ownership from ‘you’) the stone using instruments inserted during an endoscopy or MRI scanning of your digestive system- internal GPS if you will.

On A Final Note…

Gallstones can be avoided by simply following a healthy diet — heard this one before haven’t we? However, if sidetracking has led those stones back down your path again don’t fret because there’s hope with non-surgical options such as UDCA medication, herbal remedies like European pennyroyal plant or these new age sounding procedures – sound waves magic and fancy named scans!

So live long & prosper fellow humans – minus Gall-stones!

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