What medication dissolves kidney stones?

So, you did it again. You ignored your doctor’s recommendation to drink more water and now you’re left with a pain that literally makes you want to die. That uncomfortable tightness in your lower gut? Kidney stones! For those who haven’t experienced the agony of passing one, imagine straining so hard that your eyes pop out just to push a sharp rock out of a sensitive area.

But fret not dear reader, for modern medicine is here to help alleviate this torment. In this article we’ll cover everything there is to know about medications that can dissolve kidney stones.

What are Kidney Stones?

Let’s start with some basic biology; kidney stones are hardened deposits of minerals and salts accumulated overtime in the kidneys or ureters- thin tubes between the bladder and kidneys designed for draining urine from said organs.

The body disposes toxins while retaining essential nutrients during urination through the efficient workings of these little blood purifiers. If urine contains high concentrations of certain substances like calcium, oxalates, uric acid etc., due to insufficient intake of fluids or an abundance in diet /genetics , then they tend crystallize inside our precious filtration units resulting in gravely painful obstructive events requiring surgical intervention when undissolvable by medication.

Types Of Medications To Target Those Pesky Pebbles

When it comes down dissolving calculus (fancy word for ‘kidney stone’), medication can markedly reduce chances surgery needed via three targeted approaches :

Alkalinizing Agents

For anyone playing “Trivial Pursuit: Body Edition”, alkaline agents work by altering urine pH making it less acidic thus reducing probability crystals sticking together forming larger networks such as those commonly found among cysteine and urate renal toxin collectors Most effective under scrutiny include Sodium citrate/citric acid.

Chelation Therapy

Nope, this isn’t a reference to an epic big screen superhero battle but rather efffective ways of removing excess metals/toxic substances from the body. This treatment with synthetic organic compounds called Chelating agents ,designed in lab settings through analysis of kidney stone structure and composition patterns, bind to ionized forms thus creating stable mineral complexes that can be more easily eliminated by our cells .

Diuretic Medication

Also known as ‘water pills’. Essentially having larger quantities of fluid flow is always good when we are talking about urinary stones- dissolving or even preventing their formation would require diluting the urine allowing the body flush them out naturally through urination on its own. Diuretics help increase urine production which ensures there’s more water available for flushing toxins along

What Are The Most Common Kidney Stone Dissolvers?

Now, let’s talk turkey! Or pebbles…

When it comes down to medication options available for -preventative/ therapeutic purposes, Three classes take centre stage under primary care guidelines:

Potassium citrate

Kidney stones predominantly made up calcium oxalate and phosphate components need alkalinization in order dissolve. This particular compound mechanism helps increasing targeted pH levels thus lowering essentiality calcium salt concentration building crystals doctors usually prescribe potassium citrate sparingly because sodium intake too is held accountable.

Thiazide diuretics/hydrochlorthiazide (HCTZ)

Works well if diet modifications alone not enough dissolving those bigger sized babies before resorting surgery( anything above few mm) Boosts activityof parathyroid hormone secretion – which keeps Calcium deposits at bay while working synergistically with Sodium restriction


Administered after observing high incidences uric acid based renal calculi in past medical histories effectively dampens further crystallizations owing reducing amount produced via metabolic switch or by adjusting course of dietary intake.

Acetohydroxamic Acid

Otherwise known as AHA for short listed down here purely for instilling fear in would be kidney perps, due to adverse side effect profile that accompanies it ,usually reserved for last ditch efforts with struvite stones caused by prolonged episodes urinary tract infections .

Before You Go

Kidney stone pain is a special level of agony. The good news is you have options! Always consult your doctor before taking any medication or supplement and remember- prevention is the best cure ( Drink more water!!) Don’t let the scary process prevent you from getting help.

And there you have it folks, everything there’s no need to know about meds that dissolve kidney stones. Stay safe out there!


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